Achieve permanent hair removal at home

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After 8 weeks, enjoy smooth skin.
Less laser hair removal cost.

The latest generation of OPT adopts laser and IPL hair removal technology with a perfect blend of energy level and wavelength, penetrate hair follicles, and the easiest at-home experience.

From 1-2nd week

(three times a week)

hair grows slowly, reducing by more than 75%

From 3-4th week

(once/twice a week)

less hair, dark spots will be reduced

From 4-8th week

(once for every week)

best home laser hair removal, 99% will be cleaned.

BoSidin facial hair removal device
also adopt skin rejuvenation to improve anti-age skin.

As years go by, your skin began to tell a story—lazy summer days spent out in the sun, going through a difficult adolescence, each and every time your smile reached your eyes. Even significant weight gain or weight loss which can write its own chapter. Without a doubt, your skin can be the physical evidence of a life well-lived.

Fortunately, BoSidin not only can do facial hair removal for women it also has the sixth-generation photo rejuvenation technology incorporates a three-layer light source to individually penetrate different layers of the skin to improve elasticity and restores collagen production, IPL combines cleansing, laser photo rejuvenation, and repair into one single treatment, reducing wrinkles and blemishes and creating firmer, brighter skin.

Improve your daily skin problems:

Dry skin Oily skin Acne skin Dark yellow skin

Improve your daily skin problems:

Dry skin

Oily skin

Acne skin

Dark yellow skin

Ready Laser Hair Removal Device
Avoid Awkward

Awkward chest hair say goodbye
Swim / Gym

Make a neat appearance
Social Occasion

Avoid embarrassment when you're intimate

Operate Easily

Step 1

Shave your hair in hair removal part.

Step 2

Plug the device and turn on the power.

Step 3

Turn on the machine and select the gear energy position.

Step 4

Adjust to the mode which you want, vertically contact the depilator with the skin.

Step 5

Wear goggles and hit the first time(Without attachment or use bikini magnetic attachment).

Step 6

Configure the corresponding SR head, repair damaged skin (Hit the second time)

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Is hair removal at home work for me?

Suitable skin color
Suitable hair color
About Tattoo: You should not use BoSidin handset over tattoos. However, going around the tattoos is fine.

Choose your model

Pioneer-Pro Permanent Hair Removal Device

Upgrade to 5 targeting attachment head for treating the hair which is relatively stubborn and thick in different parts of body, Full body hair removal only in 15 minutes, Effict in 6 weeks.

Color: Green/White
10 Accessories Included See All
Us Plug
User Guide
Warranty Card
SR/Bikini Magnetic Attachment
Arm/Leg/Armpit Magnetic Attachment
Free Shipping most countries, 180 Days Money Back.
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BoSidin-Pioneer Hair Removal Handset with IPL & Laser

Unlimited Flashes, At Home Laser Hair Removal Device Suits for Women & Men, Painless Home Use on Bikini Line, Legs, Arms, Armpits, Upper Lip, Facial Hair Removal and SR Mode.

Color: Green/White
7 Accessories Included See All
Us Plug
User Guide
Warranty Card
Bikini Magnetic Attachment
SR Magnetic Attachment
Free Shipping most countries, 180 Days Money Back.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 627 reviews
Great quality product. Worth it

Bosidin - Beautiful product presentation and high quality products. At first I thought it would be painful, but not at all, and the cooldown mode is great. I used it for the first time today and it was very easy to follow the directions. I thought it would take me a long time to cover all areas, but it's really quick and easy! Highly recommended so far! I'll be using it in the next few weeks to update the review and see the results.

I am happy with my purchase

I decided to buy this as my own New Year's gift. This product really surprised me, it's so easy to use, I can totally use it myself at home. Because I used to go to the spa a lot to get my hair removed. So this is definitely what I'm looking for. Of course, seeing results requires proper use of the machine and patience. If you are a lazy person, probably not for you. I will keep using it. recommend! !

Easy to use and effective

I chose this product because it looks so easy to use. It's actually pretty simple too, normally I'd skip the instructions, but this time I read the manual thoroughly as this is the first time I've used a hair removal machine at home. It explains everything thoroughly, so I recommend everyone do this first. The package contains everything you need, goggles and a shaver. The shape of the machine and swivel head makes it easier to hold and easy to reach wherever you want to treat. Actually I think the best feature is the auto flash feature, it saves me a lot of time because the feature is easy to use and easy to switch from your legs to your arms etc. I have used the BoSidin machine twice and have seen my hair growth slow down significantly. I am very happy with my results so far. I also love the skin rejuvenation feature, but I've only used it once. Overall, if you're looking for an easy-to-use epilator, or if you're interested in a 2-in-1 machine, then Bosidin is a great option.