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Definitely like to use mini. I hate waxing and shaving frequently, and professional lasers always seem to be too expensive. All in all, I think the mini fits all the choices in my mind. I really like it, will recommend and have already recommended.

NICE to have

Because my legs have a lot of hair and thick. In the past, I used a razor, which was really painful and I needed to shave at least once a week. So I measured it and decided to buy bosidin. The price of this product is very good and value for money. I'm glad it didn't let me down. It fits my hand very well, it is not very heavy, you have to shave your hair before you use it. It is important to wear the glasses they provide, because when you press the flash button, there will be dazzling light. The first time I tried, I didn't wear glasses, so when the screen flickered, I was shocked. It is best to use 1-2 gears in the early stage. It is simple and convenient, I have seen some changes, if I have anything to say, I will continue to update.

Great purchase!

I bought this product by reading reviews, but I doubt it. I spent a long time writing my review to test it thoroughly. Now I can say with certainty that the product is indeed effective. Two times a week is enough, I noticed an effective reduction and slowing down of hair growth. Great purchase! The nightmare of not needing hair is over.

100% HAPPY

Bosidin-mini is easy to use and light in weight. Using this product has made my life easier, and after using it a few times, I can already see the effect. I am a 100% satisfied customer! I told some of my friends this good news! AAA+++

Easy to use and PAINLESS

The design itself is beautiful, the packaging is perfect, and the instructions are very easy to use and intuitive. I can hardly feel any pain. I have only used it 3 times because my hair is thick, so I haven't seen much difference yet, but I am very satisfied with this product and am excited about the gradual improvement over time. If you are looking for a more comfortable experience, this is your best choice.

BEST purchase I ever made, saved me time and money

This is the purchase of the best hair removal tool I have ever done. It saves me time and money. It is very simple to use. You just need to make sure you shave beforehand and it won't hurt at all. It takes me about 10 minutes to set the full body automatic flash. I noticed that my hair slowed down after 3 weeks. The user guide is simple and provides good tips for using it correctly and the packaging is also very beautiful. This saved me a lot of money, thank you so much for this ingenious product, it is really impressive. I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends. Thanks to bosidin!

Excellent results

I promised to make a comment after I had used this device to be effective. I want to admit that I was excited about the results after 3 treatments once a week. It is very fast and effective for me. I am glad that I did not buy the well-known expensive products and believe in this affordable and convenient product, thank you bosidin. I highly recommend this product.


I tried many different methods to control the growth of some hairs. But every time my sensitive skin becomes red and painful for hours. Finally, I was recommended by my friends to use this product. I didn��t feel any pain after using it. After using it for a period of time, I found that my skin became smoother. It is very suitable for summer in California. I recommend every friend with sensitive skin.


At the beginning I really didn't believe it. I thought the reviews were from people who paid to post reviews. I was so satisfied with the results that I had to come here to post my reviews, and I didn��t get paid for it, I��m very grateful! In the past, I was ashamed to wear skirts, skirts, etc. Now I can also wear many beautiful clothes. The price is not expensive and the effect is amazing! ! ! ! Thank you so much!

Easy and effective

In the past, the hair on my legs and underarms was very thick and I was very distressed. Now that I have purchased bosidin and used it for a while, I have seen the difference. My legs can withstand stronger levels, so I saw more results there. I use it twice a week without any adverse reactions, and my skin is usually moderately sensitive! I recommend you to buy one quickly!

Getting rid of hair on my hear

I think I am one of the few people reviewing such products. I have wanted to try hair removal for many years, but the cost of a professional salon is too high. I don't even have time to go. Until I bought Bosidin. It works very well. Easy to use, it only takes a minute or two after shave to complete. There is no pain or discomfort. Only after the first week, I was able to really tell the difference and my hair was gone. I can definitely recommend this product.

This thing works!

I'm female and I've struggled with hair on my face and chin in the past. I bought Bosidin on a whim to try and I honestly didn't have much expectations. Well, I must say, it's working. I have used it every three days for 2 weeks. I can already see not as much hair growth. I am very excited!

Can��t wait to use it!

Just received the package and can't wait to comment. The package is well packaged, and the tools inside are very complete. In addition to the epilator, goggles and a razor are also presented. The color of the product is great! I love it. Looking forward to the results after using


I use it once a week on the face, underarms, bikini and legs. My hair growth has slowed down significantly. I used the SR mode on my face, it made my skin smooth, which was a pleasant surprise. I recommend this to everyone.

Nice, useful hair removel

I absolutely love Bosidin's cooling mode, it's very gentle on my skin and I didn't feel any overheating at all. Sensitive skin can consider purchasing one.

The Best Buy Of 2022!

Bosidin has changed my life! I have spent a lot of time and money getting lasers on various parts of my body. Based on a friend��s recommendation, I bought Bosidin. Now I have used it for 1 month, once a week, in each area with maximum intensity. I was surprised by the result. My body hair is black and thick, and it disappears very quickly and becomes very thin. It's really a very good product.

I loved

I loved it, well packaged, works perfectly, painless. worth the price.

Thank you for your kind words, Paula . We're so happy to hear that you loves the pioneer pro.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your hair removal treatment, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We want to make sure you are always happy with your purchase.

Thank you again for choosing Bosidin.
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So far so good

Bosidin is easy to use and painless. It took me about a month to see results, which is a process that requires persistence and patience. The customer service is also very good, they provided me with treatment suggestions and plans, very professional! ! !


I am very skeptical of this device, but I was really recommended! ! ! Both my mother and I use it, and it is indeed the best investment I have ever made! ! I have been struggling with facial hair for many years. This small device has really had a huge impact on my life and gave me a lot of confidence! !

Loved it

Love this device, I have seen changes in a very short period of time. Recommend.

Low-cost alternative to expensive treatment

If you are tired of paying exorbitant fees for hair removal in a salon, then I recommend you to buy a Bosidin home hair removal device. Simply a cheap substitute. Don't doubt it, it really works, I've only used it for a month and my hair is no longer growing, and now I have a maintenance treatment every two weeks. Great value for money! !

It's a GREAT product

Share my experience of using it. I use it on my chin and armpits. Now I see a lot of differences in my armpits. My hair is thick and it seems to have become thinner, but it hasn't completely disappeared yet. I think it may take a while. I will continue to stick to it, and I will update my review in the future.

I like it

I love it, works great, only takes a few minutes, saves time.

good product

Good looking, I like white. Great product. It has slowed down my hair growth. It is easy to use. Recommended.

Super comfortable and ACTUALLY works

I finally bought a home hair removal device! I spent a lot of time and money going to the hair removal place. It does reduce the amount of hair, but I need something that I can use at home, which is easy to use and operate at my convenience. This MINI hair removal is super light and comes with protective glasses. I started using it on my armpits and upper lip. At first I sent it twice a week, just to speed it up. After about 3 uses, I can start to see the difference, the hair is getting less and thinner. I now start using it on my lap. You will feel the heat of the latter, but it will not be hurt. It is easy to reach every part of the body, and a course of treatment can be completed in about 10 minutes. Very, very recommended! ! ! !