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6 Hair Removal Tips For Best Results

1. Make Sure BoSidin's Hair Removal Device is Suitable for You
OPT technology is targeting the hair follicle and the melanin. It has a perfect blend of energy level and wavelength of laser and IPL technology, which smooth hair removal easily . Although the process works best to remove coarse and dark hair. it won’t work as well to get rid of red, blond, gray, or white hair.

2. Familiar with Instructions is The Key
When you first start using BoSidin's smooth hair removal device, make sure you have enough time to understand the hair removal device- and how it works. Patience is key; and rushing through a session can lead to plaque loss or incorrect use of the laser to irritate the skin. It's especially important to learn the six different modes of your hair removal device. Last but no least, you can use bikini area mode and bikini accessory head which is perfect for the sensitive bikini area.
When you have any questions about how to use the device, you should refer to the hair removal device's user guide. Firstly, Give yourself a minimum of 15-30 minutes and make sure you have enough time to read the user guide, so that you can try out the device, and then you can enjoy SR session after your successful treatment.

3. Patience Pays Off
Before you want to choose the bikini area or face, and during your first practice, you should use BoSidin's hair removal device in larger, more accessible areas, such as your calves. A few sessions will give you a better grasp of the hair removal device, so that you can try to more challenging areas. Fortunately, BoSidin hair removal device can be safely used anywhere on your body part, once you feel confident in using your hair removal device, you can achieve effective hair removal device in all your areas! And give your painless hair removal experience.

4. Stick and Follow Your Treatment Plan
Our recommended treatment plan is 2 to 3 times in 1-2nd week, 1 to 2 times in 3-4th week, once a week in 4-8th week. However, depilation programs vary from person to person. With regular weekly treatments, you'll discover visible results in just 3-4 weeks. After 8 weeks, your full results will be visible, leaving you free to enjoy life without unwanted hair. An occasional touch-up session to ensure that you are delaying the hair follicles to grow.

5. Don't Forget to Shave, Before Treatment
Remove excess hair by shaving, epilating the area before treatment. It's important to keep your hair at an appropriate length for hair removal treatment. Before treatment, you should make sure the hair is not too long, because if too long, it can result in higher heat intensity when treated with this hair removal device and damage to your skin.
Never wax or pluck before your treatment, as it leaves little or no hair to treat with your device. In other words, BoSidin's smooth hair removal devices continuously emit gentle pulses of light throughout the thermal relaxation period. And it depends on the portion of hair inside the follicles in order to absorb the energy produced by the device and create the heat energy needed to inhibit effect hair follicles growth. Instead, let your hair grow naturally until the day before your hair removal device treatment, and shave the hair to close to the skin for the best results.

6. How Does BoSidin's Hair Removal Device Affects Tattoos
BoSidin's hair removal technology is designed to focus on the melanin and pigment in the hair follicle, to heat and build up energy at the root, in which the hair then shuts down and enters a resting phase. What a safe, comfortable and effective method of removal hair! It also means more pigmented areas of your skin may absorbing the laser energy, there's no way for the device to know not to target the pigment of the tattoo ink, resulting in irritation, You should avoid pigmented areas like moles and tattoos while completing a treatment. Otherwise, you will feel painful.