For women only: Which hair removal method is suitable for you?

Some people would rather give up a hair removal method and make it to grow as nature intended (It's worth remembering that its role is to protect our bodies from external influences: warmth, hygiene, prevent bacterial invasion and friction.) While others choose an effective hair removal method to remove hair that grows every part on your body, except for the eyelashes.

Thus, Hair removal has become a routine that most women have to endure throughout their lives.

When hair removal is becoming part of your daily beauty routine, You might be consider that permanent hair removal methods, And if you want to get rid of your hair, it that without having to invest a ton of cash at the beauty salon, Here, Miss JuneBoSidin takes you through the most popular hair removal methods on the market and the different effects, Please try one of the home-use hair removal methods.

1.Sugaring removal can pull the hair out of the roots quickly. This method consists of: lemon, sugar, and water, Without additives or cloth strip. Heat all the ingredients together until they reach a candy-like consistency, after cool to warm, apply directly to the skin. Which can be hair removal anywhere from your eyebrows to your bikini line to your legs. It also works for all hair colors.

Sugaring removal binds to the hairs and not the skin, so your skin won't get pulled, meaning it’s less painful than waxing. Like waxing, sugaring also will deliver the long-term effect of hair removal because it starts at the follicle. It also make sugar to act the role of exfoliation and keep your skin smooth for up to a month. As a result, Sugaring reduces discomfort, redness and ingrown hair compared to shaving and hot waxing.

Avoid adding sugar if you have skin problems such as bruises, swelling and rashes.There may also be slight redness and bumps, which usually subsides within a few days.There may be ingrown hair, folliculitis, and rash. However, untrained professionals can still accidentally remove skin in addition to hair.

Before using a razor or electric razor, Firstly, wetting your skin and use soap or shaving cream, and shave in the direction your hair is growing, you can cutting hair very close to the skin, it even used anywhere on the body, although it is fast, inexpensive and works well with a one-step method which gives effect results. But it can only give you a short-term feeling, make it look hairless, in which that process is painless and lastis only 1-3 days. Unlike other methods, it only removes visible hair, not the hair follicles, so it will make your hair grow faster than other methods. Shaving is safe for all skin and hair type.

The potential side effects while shaving are irritation for some people, including redness, ingrown hairs, itching, or shaving bumps. And while shaving is very popular in the current market. whatever men and women, and modern shavers have been upgraded and improved to minimize the injure. However, it is possible to cut yourself when shaving, It is particularly in the ankles or knees where it is not easy to operate the bending part.

Obviously, shaving is not a permanent method of removing hair, just a short-term and convenient method of hair removal. Depending on how fast your hair is growing back, So we recommend that shaving 2-3 times a week.

Threading use the cotton thread to pull the hair "lasso-like" and pull it out of the follicle sheath. It requires some hair growth, but it only takes about 1/16 of an inch to pull the hair out smoothly, which usually lasts about six weeks. And it's faster than tweezers, with the average eyebrow procedure taking about 5 to 10 minutes, compared to about 20 minutes for tweezers. The traumatic to the skin is not great, mainly used for eyebrows, chin and upper lip.
It is a quick, clean, and effective method, especially for the eyebrow areas, compared with waxing and tweezers, the discomfort of threading is minimal.

The disadvantage is that if the operation incorrectly, the hair will be broken, resulting in unevenness and ingrown hair; this is coupled with the need to pull out hair one by one, so you need to go to a trained professional for threading, and avoid DIY at home. If you threading frequently can lead to the hair follicles will be damaged and hair stops growing.

4.Laser hair removal
Laser hair removal works by using a concentrated light to affect hair follicles, which hair follicle absorb the laser, and then the energy is absorbed by the hair's melanin, instantly evaporating the hair.
It is suitable for these body areas, the back, shoulders, arms, chest, bikini area, legs, upper lip, chin, etc.
After six to eight sessions, most people can experience by 70-90% of unwanted hair permanently removed or apparent hair reduce, and their skin will appear smooth and even. It is also the least consuming and painless of all known permanent hair techniques.
The pigments in the hair absorb the laser, so dark hair absorbs the laser more effectively, so people with dark hair and light skin are more effective, and laser hair removal doesn't work on golden hair, gray hair and white hair.
The most common side effects of laser hair removal include:redness, swelling, discomfort and skin irritation, which usually subside within days of treatment. Our recommendation is that carefully select skilled medical professionals to minimize any risk of complications.

5.OPT hair removal
Bosidin at home OPT device is designed for safe and effective self-treatment, and Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) hair removal is one of the most advanced methods of body to removal unwanted hair. The latest generation of Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) maximizes the benefits of both laser and IPL technology with a perfect blend of energy level and wavelength.
It works by gradually reducing hair regrowth by applying a mild pulse of light to the root, or follicle.. So that the hair into the resting phase. The existing hair naturally falls off and the regeneration speed is greatly slowed down. But it takes you to stick with the area you want for 8 weeks, which can reduce hair growth by 92%.

Note that: it works by targeting the melanin in the hair, not the melanin in the skin, so it works best for people with pale skin and dark hair.

It also has the skin regeneration function, mainly through the destruction causes the pigmentation, and encourages the collagen regeneration, making your skin frim and smooth, reducing wrinkles and the pore.

Using the BoSidin Hair Removal device at home, no more driving to the salon, no more shaving or painful waxing.It's also painless when applied to delicate areas, and it gently treats vulnerable areas (under the armpits and below the bikini line), without ingrown hair.


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