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best ipl laser hair removal at home
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Pioneer-Pro Permanent Hair Removal Device

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  • addFive Heads: In-depth IPL laser hair removal optimal wavelength,it can precisely inhibit hair regrowth.
  • add6 Modes: Precise hair removal for face, arms, underarms, legs, bikini line.
  • addSafe and Fast: With the automatic flash mode, you can complete full body IPL laser hair removal in 15 minutes.
  • add2 in 1 Technology: Combining IPL laser hair removal and Rejuvenation, you can say goodbye to annoying hair and improve your skin.
  • addFeatures: The IPL laser hair removal device is painless at freezing point, unlimited flashes, enough for a family to remove hair at home
  • addMaterial & Design: We uses high-end polishing technology for an elegant appearance.
First time: Large area depilation can be done without adding attached head. However, for bikini,arm,armpit,leg parts to IPL laser hair removal, please use accessory head. Second time: SR head with laser photo rejuvenation which can be used after depilation to improve skin problems scientifically.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Just Buy It

My impression of this product from Pioneer is heartfelt and unexpected! My hair is rough and it grows fast. It begins to grow on the second day of shaving and is black in color. After a few months of treatment with level 6, I saw a 75-80% drop. If I did more treatment, I believe I could see less. I've had hair removal done at a salon, but it didn't work long term. But with this device, I can use it longer. To say I was happy with the results would be an understatement! Update: For the first two months, I was so excited about the results that I slack off for a month or so and didn't use it at all. Most of the hair has grown back, but definitely a lot less than before. After doing all 8 sessions again, my hair hasn't grown back for almost two weeks. I'm talking about 90% hair reduction. And the hair that grows back is very thin. I plan to use it at least once a week or every other week so I don't need to start over. Just follow the directions and after a course of treatment, continue to use it occasionally so it doesn't grow back.

doesn��t have the flash count

I love that it doesn't have a digital countdown! ! ! At first I thought it was a problem with the product, I contacted customer service and they told me that this is an upgraded version with unlimited flash and can be used for a long time. No more waiting for the countdown to run out to replace it. Terrific upgrade!

(Not) blinded me with science! It works!

For the past 8 weeks, I have used this on my left leg and used my right leg as a control. This week was the first week I could really tell the difference. My hair is thick and dark. My left leg has visibly less hair and thinner hair. I haven't seen much difference under my arm. I think it does work and will start using it on my right side in preparation for some socializing this summer! I'm ready.

Five Wavelength: Precise IPL Laser Hair Removal For Different Body Parts

Designs for thick, stubborn, coarse hair

SR red light wave helps to rejuvenate and whiten whole body


Safety Certificate
FDA ※1
Light source
OPT ※2
Gear Range
1-6 (adjustable)
Product Power
Voltage range
Net weight
Product Size
200*126*51.8 MM
Green & White
2 Year warranty 180 Days money-back guarantee