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I took advantage of the great price and bought a Bosidin! This Pro is perfect for someone with rough hair like me. Be sure to shave before use, the complimentary razor is very useful. The instructions are simple, I use it 2 times a week for 10 minutes and now in my third week of having it, my hair has become finer and softer. According to the instructions, this is exactly what works, and I will stick with it.

value for money

It reduces my hair a lot and I absolutely love it. worth the money.

A multi-purpose machine, does not hurt the skin

I love how versatile it is without hurting the skin! The SR mode works really well, I use it before bed and wake up every day with less dry skin. A very good product.

I liked the price, great product

I bought Bosidin on Valentine's Day, I thought that the product at this price would have no effect, but it turned out that I was wrong. Until now, the hair on my underarms has become very thin and the hair on my arms has stopped growing. A great product and worth the money.

Good product!

The product works and is used as directed! It lightened my dry skin issues very well and didn't damage anything, I now have less hair and smoother skin. recommend.

Very good, worth it.

I have been using it for three weeks, and my face has become smoother and smoother with the SR mode, and my friends are amazed by the changes. I have already recommended it to my friends, and I recommend you to try it too. A very good product.

Wonderful product, highly recommend

Very beautiful model, 180��rotating body, fits every part of the body very well. The colors are also nice. Highly recommend.

very well

I bought it because I saw the reviews below saying that the product removes black hair very well and I wanted to try it on mine. I have black hair and I feel no pain when I use it. I am now on my third week of using it and my hair is not as luxuriant anymore, I will stick with it.

Awesome product!

I haven't been using Bosidin for a long time, but I really like it so far! The instructions are really easy to follow!

Seems to be working

Seems good so far. I have sensitive skin so I chose Bosidin because it has a cooling mode. My leg doesn't hurt at level 1. I will gradually try higher levels.

I love this product

It was simply beautiful. I really like its pure white color, as white and flawless as pearls. This is the best birthday present I have received this year.


Definitely worth it! Really amazed at how pretty this is! Product is well packaged. There are also many freebies. The instruction manual is also very concise and easy to understand. I can't wait to know the changes in my body after using it


Very easy to use. Instructions for use are simple too. I've had the treatment on my face for two weeks now. The fine lines on my face are reduced and smoother too. I will buy again for my friends

Five Stars

Fast shipping, great customer service, customized treatments available, I plan to follow the protocol they offer. Looking forward to the result.

Easy to use hair removal device

It's great that I can now do my own hair removal at home with Bosidin. This device is not wireless/rechargeable and needs to be plugged into an outlet while in use. I've been using the device for the past month and have noticed a reduction in hair growth in the areas I use it. My favorite feature of this OPT is that it has a cooling function to reduce skin irritation during use. I highly recommend this hair removal device.

Great gift! Works

Been using it for 5 weeks and I'm starting to notice less hair regrowth. Very easy to use product with multiple level options, patience is required and the results are worth it

Easy to use

It is extremely easy to use. I'm slowly increasing the strength level to get the best results for my underarms. Time will tell how well it works, but so far I'm happy with it.

Treatments are Easy, ICE cooling helps!

In the past hair removal treatments could only be done in professional spas. It's been great to be able to manage this on my own in my own home. This unit is compact and has all the features offered. The unit must be plugged into a power source to function - it is not a rechargeable device. Light can damage the eyes - so include a pair of protective glasses. I've been using it for 2 weeks - and it's not time consuming - the treatment goes really fast. I love the ICE cooling button - it provides great cooling and less discomfort. It's too early for me to notice any changes in the reduction in hair growth - but I believe it's working! Advantages of this device over other devices are small size, no impact on pulse strength and ease of treatment.

Works as Described

Since I've never used this type of device before, the first thing I did was read the full instructions. The product comes with very detailed usage instructions. After making sure I was familiar with how to use a hair removal device, I started. After shaving the desired area as described, I put on the included safety glasses and began epilation. I have to say, I'm impressed with the results. It didn't pull the hairs out of my follicles like I expected, it just slid along my skin and clipped the hairs in the process. The cooling effect is so soothing with each pass, it's actually a nice experience. I'm so glad I ordered it.

It does work really good

This hair removal machine is great. At first I thought it would be uncomfortable, but it wasn't; the cooling effect provided immediate pain relief, making the treatment painless. I started seeing results after a week. It comes with goggles and a shaver. The size and price of the unit make it ideal for personal use. Overall, it's a very good system that does what it says it does, and is listed for a price well below the average for this type of product.

Very user friendly!

I've just started my hair removal journey with this device and so far, I absolutely love it! The ice function works really well and cools down really fast. I don't feel pain when using this unit, sometimes it's just a tingling. It comes in a beautiful box which is perfect for gift giving. The length of the power cord is very practical, and the unit is very easy to hold and use. Also includes goggles to wear when in use. I'm looking forward to seeing what results I get when following the recommended usage

Compact but Powerful

The instruction manual is very detailed and very helpful for first-time users. Goggles included in the package. The unit is very easy to operate, with adjustable power levels and good cooling to minimize discomfort. After trying it for a few weeks, I'm already starting to see thinning in my hair. Hopefully it will help eliminate the need for hair removal permanently.

Love it so far

I have only used it a few times and it doesn't hurt at all! I think I have noticed that the regeneration rate has slowed down! The device itself is also quite elegant and the quality feels very good. I like it so much.

Brilliant product, my new best friend

This is an excellent product, easy to use, portable and reasonably priced. It will save me a lot of money in the area of hair removal. It's my best new friend now

Overall I think it's good value.

I have used the pro for about 3 weeks and have used it 3 times. I think it is effective because the regeneration seems to be reduced every time, and I find it easy to use, clean and convenient. Very satisfied!