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it works

Great product. For me worked after the second use. The hair is growing slower but the device has to be used 2-3 times a week at the beginning..

Would recommend!

Super easy to use! You can just turn it on and go! I have used it for about three weeks and I can already see a major decrease in regrowth!

Great product!

Highly recommend!

Love it!

Exactly as expected, I love it!

Nice product

Really nice product that work for my skin. I have been using this machine three times, once a week. For now, the hair growth seems like slowing down. And the hair turn to be thinner and lighter. Great product with affordable price. The dark-green color and the design is pretty fashionable. The way to use is convenient with the handle.

Thanks for your support.
We recommend using your BoSidin handset 3 times in 1-2nd week, 1 to 2 times in 3-4th week, once a week in 4-8th week.

It's working.

Ok, I'm on week 4 of doing this thing. I'm definitely seeing results and I'm only on week 4.

Truly pain free

I didn't know what to expect from this hair removal tool. I thought I might feel a little pain when I used it but it is truly pain free. I feel just a little bit of warmth each time the laser pulses. I like that the laser won't pulse if I don't have it touching my arm. I don't need to worry about shooting my eye out.

Save money for SPA at home

This green that I like and has a very texture. It is easy to use and practical. I used it once to remove leg hair .Two weeks passed. The hair grows only a little bit.I love it����

Good buy

So far so good, there is significant chin hair reduction. The device is really strong if you turn it to the highest level.

Great product that really works!!!

I use this product primarily for unwanted facial hair. After 3 weeks of use I noticed a real difference. The hair became thinner and eventually stopped growing completely. As the description states, it is for darker hair and this product has made a world of difference. I highly recommend this product. This is a painless alternative to plucking, waxing. Just a slight warm sensation when using. Be sure to pre-shave the hair first.

It works if you do it right

I've had this device for about three weeks and have done five or six treatments so far. I've used it on my legs, my underarms, and my bikini zone.

My thighs are 95% hairless now. My lower legs have about 40% reduction. My underarms are down by 70%. My bikini is taking the most time, but I'm still about 30% clear there. I have wide open clear patches, and the hair growing back does so more slowly.

I am confident I will have greatly reduced hair growth in another month or so. I don't have to shave every day anymore!

You have to use it at least once per week on freshly shaven, dry, clean skin. You have to put it at the highest level you can tolerate without soreness the next day. Do a patch test at each level 24 hrs before using it. It will feel like flicking a sunburn. It is about 1/4 as bad as an epilator, if even that. I don't even wince.

If you are on the chart for the correct skin tone and you actually correctly follow the instructions, you will eventually have significant hair reduction.

I didn't get compensated in any way for this review, and I waited to use it a bunch before writing it so I could be accurate.

Holy. Grail. Product.

Thanks for your highly valued comments. So glad that you have an good shopping experience. This will also be the force for us to do better in the further.

excelente funciona solo hat que ser cuidadoso al usarla

Excellent it works just to be careful when using it and in 3 weeks you will see results

Such a beautiful babe

I have been searching for a stylish yet powerful laser hair removal for a very long time, finally i found this which fits my taste, and decide to give it a try. I did some research before purchasing, this laser hair removal got allll sort of good reviews on many different website, youtubers, bloggers were all raved about it so much. After i receive, i opened the box and tried right away. The package comes with a shaver which is very thoughful, i shaved my leg And turned on the machine with the correct caps on, i tried under my arm, also turned on the icing mode to sooth, it did not hurt at all while laser was beeping authomatically. I have tried it for about 2 weeks, i have noticed the hair grow thinner and lighter now, which i m very pleased :) i will continue using this machine for my whole body. Oh another cap is for the skin, how cool is that, it will brighten up ur skin and tighten up, for beauty purpose, ill give it a try another day.

Thanks for your highly valued comments. So glad that you have an good shopping experience. This will also be the force for us to do better in the further.

Works great

Works great!


Love it works great!!!

It does work well! It takes some patience. It is not an overnight solution and does take time.

I used this for facial hair.

Great hair remover

Work as described. I'm very pleased with the product.

Permanent Hair Remover

This is my 3rd time using on my legs and works perfectly. I use level 2 since my skin is sensitive and the temperature is perfect to see results already.I will continue using until I finish the treatment.

Worth it!

This is DEFINITELY worth it!! The difference in hair growth is VERY noticeable!! 10/10

Great product!

great gift, mom loved it

Love the design!

I really love this hair remover.I went to beauty salon so many times every year for removing hair.So I consider to get a little machine that I can spent less.I have looked many different brands hair remover.After compared,I ordered this one.But I am very entangled before order it because it costs more than most brands.I love the shape they designed.Very easy to handle.Fast and painless.So it��s really worthy!

Great in home product & good quality merchandise

Very easy to use & hold

It really worked!

It has been more than two weeks since I started to use this hair remover. I used it three or four times a week for my right leg (didn��t use it for my left one). Compared to my left leg, you can barely see the hair on my right leg. It really works very well on me. And this hair remover has a technique that has an icy function if you turn it on. This icy function effectively reduced the burning feeling while using the product!!! I didn��t feel anything even I used the level 6(the highest level).
Oh the hair remover also has a function which can whiten your skin and make your skin look nicer. I haven��t found out any obvious change on my skin after use it, but I��ll keep use this function. And if there is any obvious change on my face, I��ll post updates.

Easy to use

So far so good. Easy to use and doesn't hurt (just a little warm).

Works great!!

After one month I can already see a difference. New hair growth have diminished greatly. Very happy with this laser hair remover.