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Great and easy to use

Love it so far! Have had in spa treatments before but this one has the same effect on higher settings. Easy to use. I make sure to wear the glasses and also close my eyes

It works

I really like it! Hair on face in coming in slower now.Only been using it 2 weeks now.

Good product

Efficient and safe

Works great

Great product

Does what it says

This is my second IPL. The first one was a waste of my money, because it was not this brand. I won't every purchase crap from them ever again. I decided to give IPLs one more chance and bought this one. I have naturally black hair as I am Native American. It works!! I suggest you start low and work your way up on the settings.

Great device

Easy to use, effective hair removal

Perfect for my application

Have only been using for 10 days on facial hair & underarms & see a difference already, especially on my face. I'm really happy so far w/this gift to myself.

Works well

Noticeably less hair, does take a while so be patient.

Amazing product

It works perfectly

Works well so far!

I need to be using it a bit more consistently but from the amount I have been using it I have noticed a minor change.


Gift for sister in law, she reports that it's working well so far

Love it

It works well. The product is packaged nicely. I really am enjoying the results!

Great value

So far it was very easy to use. Didn't hurt like going to the dermatologist.

Great product!

Seems to be thinning the hair after a month.

It works!!!

This is a great product. Easy to use and it works!!

Easy to use and shipped fast

Fast shipping! Great product and price

Very effective

After using for just a month results are great. It really works.

This thing works!

I have been trying it for only a couple of weeks now and already notice a lot of improvement!

Great value for the price.

Great hair removal product, less time consuming to use in comparison to other hair removal products and easy to use.

Wish I had bought it sooner!

My hair is reduced by about 82% and what is left is much slower going. Overall I'm extremely satisfied with this product, I just wish I had bought it sooner! It's so easy to use and maneuver. Do yourself a favor and buy it!

It really works and doesn't hurt!

I've used this product for quite a few months now on my legs and face. The hair was lighter and sparser very quickly. I have light skin and dark hair, so I'm an ideal candidate. Most of the hair isn't growing back anymore and my legs feel so smooth.

Every woman needs

When you first open the box, this appears scary, but after reading the directions and using it, you'll find that it works well and is easy to use. It is reasonably priced and something every woman needs.

Really works

So far I have been happy with the results I have been seeing!

Regular use Needed

After using it for a few weeks, I saw a dramatic reduction in hair growth. I believe I will be able to attain smooth, attractive skin at home with ease.

Usage - it is very easy to use

I have seen some bad mentions of the manual, the manual was fine to me. There were some grammatical errors but nothing that would prevent you from understanding it. I was ready to go in a few minutes.