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The best ipl hair remover I have tested.

If you follow the instructions, this will perfectly solve your hair. I used 3 times in 2 weeks, I am very satisfied with the results. Subsequent I plan to continue using it every two weeks until I no longer see the hair growth. I can say that bosidin has changed my life, released and increasing self-confidence!

Very Nice Setup...Good Quality

I am very happy so far. Because it is my first time to use, in general this is a very good, easy to use and understand hair removal device. The device itself is easy to hold and not heavy, similar to the weight of a mobile phone. Instructions provided very detailed and word for word. Both the device and the power cord/adapter (included) are sturdy and not fragile. The actual use is very simple... Press the machine on the skin, press the button, flash, the next area... Continue this area until the hair removal is completed. It does not deal with the embarrassment and quite painless ...... skin feeling a little warm, remember to bring goggles come with the!

Great hair removal product! Easy to use and great price!

I like the Bosidin-mini product. It has been very good to use so far. It gives away many great additional products, such as safety glasses and razors, and it has a beautiful appearance! Purchase and use is a way to reduce the overall cost of laser treatment. As you know, laser hair removal is not always permanent, it is more laser hair removal, so by using such a device, you will save a lot of money because you can perform hair removal consistently in the comfort of your own home, Without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars through professionals to continue to do some things that need to be maintained. So my honest advice is to buy this product, it is great, easy to use, safe and effective!

It works ?

I am very satisfied with this purchase. I have been using this machine for about half a month, I have noticed the change. At the same time, after I use the machine's skin rejuvenation mode, I also think that my skin is better, my pores are more tight.

Removes unsightly facial hair.

This is by far the best product I have used for hair loss. I have been using bosidin-mini for 3 weeks. I noticed that the growth rate of my facial hair has slowed down. As a woman, the black beard on the chin is scary and embarrassing. I don't have a normal beard, I have thick black hair, which gets worse with age. My son once told me that I can grow a better beard than him. Now I am not, and I'm glad to find this product, more confident of their own. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get rid of excess hair. I like it.

Best for home use

This hair removal machine is easy to use and work very well, I can feel the changes of body hair, very professional, with different treatment modes for different parts. 100% recommended, the price is not particularly expensive, try it.

This device is flawless.

I just received the mini today, but my mother also had one before I bought it; during the epidemic, everything was closed and she could not do nails and hair in the salon as usual, and then she found this recommendation on Facebook and decided to give it a try; after two weeks, we have noticed a considerable difference, now, I feel encouraged, I highly recommend trying it. This will be the best decision you will make in terms of hair removal.

Takes some time but you��ll be smooth in no time!

I like to do everything at home. I hate salon, need to make an appointment and expensive, especially unfriendly. If I can, I chose my own hair removal. So I bought BOSIDIN. After 5 treatments, the Arm hair has basically disappeared. Please note: It hurts tattoos! I have a tattoo on the ankle, can't use it there. It will generate pain. I impressed by Bosidin. Strongly recommended. Just spend time twice a week, patience is waiting.

Get this product. It��s worth it!

I have been using this product from bosidin for a few weeks and I have seen amazing results! ! I was nervous at first, but now I will recommend it to anyone! Update: Since using it for about 1 month, I have used it on several different parts of my body. I have been seeing the results and the hair is back, but I realized that it will take longer and it is slowly getting thinner. Overall, I recommend it to others.

Easy to use

I like to use pioneers because it is easy to use and grasp it, it is not heavy. I have been using it in accordance with the course of treatment. It is very good to have now ... I only need to stick to it, I will see changes.

Great tool for the price

I have been using my bosidin for more than a month and have seen good results. I have always wanted to perform laser hair removal under the armpits because I often feel irritation from the combination of shaving and deodorant. During the time I have been using it (I use it 1-2 times a week, at the highest setting) my hair began to thin and its growth slowed down significantly. I have fair skin and dark hair, so the hair growth is obvious within a day-now I can not shave for several days! I have also been using it on my legs and arms, and the growth of both legs has decreased. For the price and the comfort of my use at home, I am so happy that I decided to try this! I highly recommend it.

It does really work

really. I have used it with my boyfriend, it is effective. This will work. The secret is that you must follow the instructions. If you do this, you will see a difference.

In love with the product

I fell in love with this product. I did the first attempt yesterday, it didn't hurt at all, I didn't stimulate my skin at all. The head moves 180 ��, as well as the mode designed for each portion of the body, so you can get any area you need. Really recommended

Loving it so far!

Really like this device. Skin feels softer from the first use. I tested at level 2 and then used level 3 for the first time. Second time went 4 then 5. I used it twice a week for the first 3 weeks. Now, my thighs are regenerating very slowly. Arm hair still needs to be shaved at least once. I really like the auto glow feature! Making it so easy and quick to use. I need about 20 minutes to run a leg, armpit and bikini area. So happy to see the final result!

It works (on my medium skin tone and dark hair)!

I bought this on a whim, but I was skeptical about how well it would work. My plan is to use it twice a week for the first 3-4 weeks and evaluate if it works. If not, I will return it. I am happy to report this! It won't go back! I have treated my upper lip and chin, underarms, bikini area and legs. Now all areas are hair free except for a spot or two in my armpit area which is hard to reach but I'm still working on it. I found BoSidin easy to use and not painful at all. I can now complete all fields in 15 minutes. Super happy with this purchase!

You need this, It works!

My husband and I have both used it and it works great. My husband has visibly reduced facial hair! It is recommended that every household can purchase one.

It's a satisfactory gift

I have been looking for a gift for my friend. Until I saw the comment video about bosidin. I think this will be a gift that makes her surprises. Not long ago, I got feedback from my friends, she was crazy about its SR function, can activate collagen and reduce wrinkles. I should also get one for yourself. Take repurchase! !


I saw the result after 4 weeks of use in the chest, most of the hair is no longer long, I am very satisfied, I will stick to the results of 8 weeks.

So excited I found this

Pro is easy to use and keep it. I like it.


It is really effective! Now I use it about a month, I can see the results of the arms and legs. The thickness of the hair is not too much, but I can see that some parts of it will not grow. very satisfied. 100 points.


It is very easy to use and I highly recommend it. I have been using bosidin for 2 weeks and I noticed a difference in hair growth. I have barely shaved my legs twice and I have seen a 40-50% reduction in hair growth. My pain tolerance is very low, but I do hair removal at the highest level and it doesn't hurt at all. It doesn't hurt when I repeat the same area 2-3 times as recommended. I have seen the results on my legs and I plan to use it on my underarms and facial hair! I am very happy to see the final result!

Easy and effective and no more trips to the laser clinic!

This is a great product and I have seen hair loss and finer hair in just a few weeks. After visiting the laser clinic in the past, I have been seeing skin breakouts that lasted for several weeks, possibly from the gel they used. The product does not cause skin breakage, and you can use products you trust without any problems. I will not use any skin care products on clean skin before use, and then use bosidin's own sr skin care model. There is currently no skin discomfort.

Should of bought this two years ago.

When I opened the box, I was satisfied with the quality of the machine. I am worried that it will be made of abusive materials, but fortunately it looks to be made of high-quality materials and looks very advanced. I like that it comes with a razor and glasses! Be sure to wear those glasses, especially when you are irradiating any part of your face with a laser. I have used it 3 times so far, and honestly, I have seen the difference. Overall, I would definitely recommend it.

Surprised by how well this works!

I was skeptical before, but Bosidin does work! I have received professional laser treatment in the past and I bought this to use it on my calf (untreated area)-mainly because it is difficult to arrange time for professional treatment and it is expensive. This household product is great. The reason I am skeptical is that when you use this laser, it will not be harmed-not at all. I use it at the highest setting and there is no problem at all. Professional treatment is not comfortable, so I am sure that no pain means no gain. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a real chance, so I dutifully followed the instructions they wrote (in the beginning I used it twice a week, then once a week, etc.). Now, I am surprised by the difference! Even if I haven't shaved for two weeks, there is almost no hair on my legs. Before treatment, I have to shave every other day! It does take a long time-a few weeks, instead of professional treatment, only a few courses of treatment can get noticeable results. But in terms of cost, if you are willing to invest time, the return will be very worthwhile. I am very happy!

very easy to use

My wife and I are using it. I have only used it a few times, but it seems to work. When the laser is turned on, it is indeed a little uncomfortable, but it is like touching a warm paper clip (a small area, if there is one, it will not be too painful). We also found that you should not use it directly on your tattoo because it hurts. I will buy another one and I will recommend it to friends.