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It does work with committed and instructed use

So I was skeptical on this . But it actually works.....Did 3sessions 4th today (doing)exactly as instructed as of now I've turned up up a notch 3 figured out the settings better now after a few sessions . Remember not to cream or moisturizer on parts your going to do... I've just shaved my legs this morning and I noticed that the hair is softer ,less and easier to shave this is after 3 sessions. FYI it is sensitive to the pubic area but will be worth not having a shaving rash. Already less hair to deal with. This machine definitely works just can't wimp out after a few sessions and say it doesn't work .... I almost did but my husband bought this for me and didn't want to waste money and give up....100%happy it is actually working on all areas. Glad I didn't quit😁

This thing works like a charm so far!

This product is super easy to use! I��ve used it twice so far and found a noticeably difference! Will update once the full cycle had completed, but I am super happy with it so far! Ive gone to the salons and it has the same snapping feeling, so I feel like it��s working, and I notice the hair grow back slower! I would totally recommend!I��m looking forward to finishing the rest of the treatments! I��m starting at one area at a time. My underarms grow super fast so I��m starting from there! It��s been nice not to have to shave every single day! Im looking forward to continuous results!This machine is super sleek, and fairly easy to use! I cant wait to see more results! I was thinking of getting it professionally done but I feel like I can do it myself and keep it going for the long haul and avoid doing touch ups every few years!

Good product, but could be a little better

After using bosidin regularly, it reduced the amount of hair on my body. I am happy to find that most of my hair is gone. I still have some light-colored hair left, but I expected it. Basically, it is treated once a week. I like the cooling mode very much. It greatly reduces the pain on the skin. The rotating head can reach all areas. When it comes to privacy, switch to the corresponding mode. I hope that the pulse in the automatic mode can be shot faster, which will make the whole process easier and faster (especially the legs). All in all, I am quite satisfied with this shopping.

I think it's working!

For the past 5-6 weeks, I have been using Bosidin every week to treat my calves, underarms and bikinis. I mainly buy it for my bikini area because I don't have much hair on my legs and underarms. But interestingly, those areas that are almost hairless are where I notice the biggest difference! That may be because there was not much hair there in the beginning-there are almost none now. Maybe my bikini area grows fuller, the effect is not as obvious as the calf. But I will keep a weekly schedule to see what happens next. My ultimate goal is to no longer need to wax in the bikini area. In addition, an undisclosed benefit of using Bosidin is that the broken blood vessels (peechiae) on my calf almost disappeared within a few days of using Bosidin! Previously, these spots took 1-2 weeks to disappear. All in all, I am very satisfied with my investment. I have noticed the results and will continue to use it regularly to reduce hair growth.

high quality

So far I��m very happy with my new hair laser removal. After tremendous research me and my husband decided to go with this one. Between both of us there is no way we could aford professional salon bills. I have a very fine light blonde hair that grow fairly average and my husband has very dark thick hair that grows exceptionally fast. It seems it works very well for both of us. After 3rd session he noticed that his hair on legs slowed down. After we received a device we were impressed by the look and design of the packaging. The way it was packaged and put together was eye catching. I felt it was like receiving an Apple product: slick, simple, and sophisticated. Upon openning and taking a laser out of box I immediately felt I��m holding a very well made product, very ergonomic. It had a great grip texture , had a good weight to it, solid but light enough. It just felt right in hand. I was surprised that laser head was spinning so you not need to twist your hand around to get to that particular angle and place. My box included razor. It was a nice touch. Controls for auto trigger and release auto trigger is well thought out. Loved that device has preselected buttons for a different body parts. It has 6 different intense power. My husband can take level 6 on his legs while I��m using level 5 on legs and lowering level for more delicate places. I still trying to figure out where is remaining flash count located on device. I assume it must be somewhere so you know how many flashes remaining. The description stated unlimited. Between me and my husband it should last us at least 15 years, which is good with us. :) I like the fact that it��s safe to use every 3 days to get result faster. Another thing we trying to understand if we need to do several runs in one sessions or just one. The research I made before on other devices suggest to do 3 sets over in one sessions. That requirement particularly turned me away from other options because I think it would take me like 2 hours to do it once. Who has that time? I love that this device comes with 180 days back guarantee and 2 year warranty. Something that could put your mind away. After each time we used we felt like we attend some spa salon, the process is very relaxing and stress relieving. Like how laser removal warms your body. We making sessions in evening to unwind before go to sleep. I would very recommend to use body cream afterwards since you couldn��t apply any lotion products before the procedure after the shower.

Great tool ever

It’s the most effective tool I’ve ever used for hair remove

good at home laser

Do your research on home laser devices and what��s best for you which is what I did so you��re not disappointed and know what to expect. There are so many different products out now. I decided to go with the Bosidin. Everyone will have different results depending on your skin tone and hair texture this is doing your research prior is important. I have fair skin and sparse hair, so the results for me were positive. I did it on one area so i can compare to see if my hair is coming back less. I did noticed less hair and will continue the treatment. It��s important to be consistent with your session. This is my first time doing any kind of laser.I recommend everyone to do a patch skin on a area to see how it works for you.Tip: Shave before you do your treatment.

It Works!

I have 2 different IPL devices, this one is from Remington. What I like about this is that it seems to get the hair that Remington has trouble dealing with. I believe this is because the technology used by bosidin is different from that of remington. The bosidin is very light, but it feels well made. The time between maximum intensity flashes is shorter than that of my other machines, and it also has a cooling function. In addition, I want the handle to be longer, because I always can't reach the back. Overall, I am very satisfied with the results and will buy again

Highly recommend

It is effective if you insist on using it, and remember to observe the frequency of use, otherwise the effect will be in vain. I adjusted the coarse hair to the highest grade, a bit of tingling is acceptable, the hair growth is indeed slow, and I look forward to getting it out completely.

Pretty Sweet Device!

As a person who often eats sweets, I really appreciate this device. This can indeed inhibit hair growth! I am not a super hairy person. I have black hair, but I have golden arms and legs. I have black hair elsewhere. This slowed the growth of my leg hair and armpit hair. After my 8th use, there is almost no hair on my armpits, which brings me so much happiness! ! All in all, it's great. Nice equipment. Easy to use.

Work very well and easy to use

The green color is very high-grade, it is very convenient to use, it will not be very painful, and it will not be very hot. The high-end light will emit light at a slower speed. After using it for two weeks, it is true that the hair grows a bit slower than before.

Complete makeover at-home. Yay!!!

It��s white, and it��s not effective in the begining, but I mainly use it to remove lip hair, and it feels okay. Later, I was relatively busy and didn't last for a while. I felt that the hair was not as rigid as before. Generally speaking, it was good. It was troublesome to go to the beauty salon before, but now I can make it at home.

I like it

I like it, it's very light. I have been trying for a few months and noticed that some hair disappeared, but I am also not quite consistent. If all the hair is gone, I will have to update it later. Very satisfied shopping.


It has been about a month since I received the hair removal device. First of all, the appearance is really high, and it is also very convenient to use. There are 6 gears to adjust. It feels that the hair grows a bit slower, especially the hands are obvious, and it feels like the skin It looks smoother and tender, and the hair on the legs feels that the effect will be better if you stick to it a little longer. Now you can still see the hair follicles.


I bought it for a while. I went to the beauty salon for hair removal before. In the end, there were some small fluffs left. I was more demanding, so I bought one.I have to say the appearance is good, and it is easy to use. It can be used simply by reading the manual. The skin rejuvenation mode can also be used at other times.

Great device, easy to use

I really like this device. It looks very nice, my wife likes it very much. It is also circulated among family and friends because everyone wants to try. My wife said she was easy to hold and manipulate. The sound is not very loud, and there is no pain at all. So far, it has been working and we have seen hair reduction.

easy enough to use

The conditions for getting it are very good and easy to use. Will wait for the result

Great !

The newest thing that came to my mind in the summer was to have hair removal. After reading many hair removal, I chose Bosidin. Because it has many certificates, it is safe and reliable, and it is very professional to choose different functions for different parts. It is also equipped with replacement heads to SR functions. I like it very much. Not only can hair removal, but also the skin rejuvenation function. I really love it. Personally, it feels pretty good. It doesn't hurt at all. My hair grows slowly visible now . As a lazy , I can complete hair removal without leaving home. great! !

It works!

I have been using it for about 2 months and have seen a significant reduction in facial hair. I only used it for 3 weeks without having to pick anything that can't be mentioned.. So for me, it has passed the test. Very satisfied with this shopping.

Thanks a lot��

I m really very thankful to very helpful, the instructions are easy to understand and guided me at every step. And I also feel the change in the hair I really recommend everyone go for shopping from their company. It is very secure, and helpful at every step. Moreover, their shipping is very convenient and fast.Thanks alot I will continue to use with it.

Easy & fast

I have used this product from bosidin twice and it has worked well so far. It's easy and fast!


So far so good, i have had the product for 1 month now, and i do see a difference. Really easy to use, and very convenient.

It��s like magic.

This is absolutely insane, I have no idea that this was actually possible. I��ve tried other products that stated the similar capabilities. None of them worked but this one. It��s a night and day difference instantly. It��s extremely easy to use, and very maneuverable. It fits perfectly in my hand making it easy to work with. They give you everything you need. You just take it out and use it. I absolutely recommend this product to anyone who needs hair removal. It��s like magic.


I like this product of bosidin. Easy to use, it has a Japanese manual. I want to remove my arm hair.