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Great device

It's easy to use. Beautiful design works great on hair. I��ve been using this for almost 8 weeks and I have no hair growth. If I notice a little coming back I just retouch It but it��s doing the job beautifully. Highly recommend this device.

I'm impressed!

I bought this 6 months ago, knowing that I should not expect that much from it! I was doing laser sessions for about a year but armpit and bikini hairs were always growing back. I bought this device and applied twice a week for the first month and after that, I just do it occasionally. It works perfectly and also has rejuvenating properties for awesome skin.

Would recommend!

I am so happy I purchased this item. Purchased eight weeks ago, and must admit have been inconsistent. Ive used it on my chin, legs, and armpits so far. I noticed a huge difference, my legs feel just as smooth as if I had just shaved. 5 Stars!!

Worth it!

I've had it about 2 months and have seen decent results. Hair growth has slowed and become patchy on my legs. Easy to use and it works!

So far extremely happy!!

I have been using this machine for about two month, and my leg hairs for the most part are gone! I also used on my armpits and they still have a few stubborn little hairs, but I see a huge difference from before.


The irradiation interval is also short, and it is nice to continue to be able to use it without taking much time even for whole body care.

It works

I tried using this epilator for about a month, but the speed at which it actually grows is getting slower, The hair that grows is also becoming sparse much later than when I started using it, so I felt that if I continued to use it as it is, there seems to be an effect of hair removal.

Good product

It is easy to hold, and even women can easily hold the weight with one hand.

Works for me

It's been a little less than 2 months since I started using it so far, but at first I take care of it 2 to 3 times a week, about 1 month after 1 month. I can feel the hair suppression effect firmly. If you take your mind off, it will still grow, so I want to continue firmly and aim for cranes in the summer.

Works as Described

Even if you say hair removal, you do not actually pull out the hair, but it is a feeling that you weaken the hair roots and wait for them to fall out naturally, so it is effective to shave your hair during use so that you do not remove hair with tweezers etc. I think you will be able to feel it faster. I feel that it is a little expensive compared to epilators in the low price range, but I think it is an epilator with performance commensurate with the price.

Easy to use

Personally, I feel that a vertical head is easier to use than horizontally with respect to the handle. This product has a head in its vertical orientation, but the angle of the head can be freely adjusted (180 degrees).

Love it!

The cooling function is pretty solid. Even if you use it at a higher level, the feeling of redness after irradiation cools down quickly. Absolutely painless! I can't reach it a bit, but it's almost not painful or hot.

Pretty good to use

Love the color and the box, came with good shape. Easy to use

I was skeptical, but wow

I followed the directions, shaved, then did a full pass on each leg. A week later, nothing. As in, no stubble. No regrowth. I was amazed. At week 2, I got some new regrowth and repeated the process. For those who are not aware, not all hair follicles are growing at the same time, so it will take several cycles to impact all active follicles but I can say this undoubtedly does work. I am fair-skinned (European) with dark hair and have used this on legs, underarms, and a couple of stubborn facial hairs with great success. Oh, and as far as the pain goes... there is none, which stunned me for such an effective device. Highly recommended.

Beautiful and Functional

The packaging and product itself is very high quality, very beautiful! I have tried other devices for hair removal at home and this one seems to work far better, I'm only in the first week, but I've started seeing a difference already. The cooling technology makes it very painless and a quick process.

It works but you have to be very consistent

I began to see results with this product after using it 2x a week for 2 months. I started with under my legs as a first test spot. Hair regrowth showed signs of slowdown by the end of the first month and is just about gone by the end of month 2. Patience, consistent use and also taking care not to miss spots are key.

Definitely works

I used this every 2-3 days over the last month and while the hair is not completely gone yet there is considerably less growth and can go longer between shaves. While it does not hurt at all going over shaved areas, if there is a spot that is starting to grow in you may feel that a little more. That being said, if you have tattoos, pay close attention going around them. I went right over the corner of one by accident and That definitely hurt and it blistered up real good. It healed fine and the tattoo is okay thankfully, but it definitely works.

Really works and Absolutely LOVE

Was not sure if it was going to work. But after using it 10 weeks hair is not coming back!!!

Nice too try

Great price, easy to hold, have only used 2x but did not experience any pain. Came nicely packaged with everything that is needed. Will continue to update with results as I continue use.

I am so happy!!

This is my second hair remover. The first was confusing and hard to use. This product was so much better!! Directions were clear and easy to follow. Product worked great. Using it was simple.

Easy to use and effective

I liked that it was pretty simple and straightforward with the instructions and that it is very easy to use and operate, I also like that it comes with the glasses so you don't have to make a separate purchase to be able to use the product, overall while using it it does seem to be making a difference in my hair growth.

I love this product!!!!

The Hair Removal Device is very easy to use, and the procedure is painless and does not irritate the skin. It has been so convenient for me to use this device.

This is a must have!

I've been using this product for 7 weeks and I'm so impressed with it! It is very well made and works exactly as promised.I usually shave my legs and the next day I have stuble.....well it's been 28 days and I'm barely noticing new hair growth on my legs!!!! I would definitely recommend this product and I absolutely would purchase it again!!!!!

A great product and I definitely recommend!

I like that this product, removes hair pain-free, and also has a cooling effect. It's a great quality while also not being too expensive.

Works for me

Funciona adecuadamente, muy bello!