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BoSidin Pioneer-Pro Permanent Hair Removal Device

Upgrade To 5 Targeting Attachment Head For Treating The Hair Which Is Relatively Stubborn And Thick In Different Parts Of Body, Full Body Hair Removal Only In 15 Minutes.

Color: Green/White
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Bikini Magnetic Attachment
SR Magnetic Attachment
Arm Magnetic Attachment
Leg Magnetic Attachment
Armpit Magnetic Attachment
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BoSidin Painless Hair Removal-Pioneer

Unlimited Flashes, At Home Laser Hair Removal Device Suits for Women & Men, Painless Home Use on Bikini Line, Legs, Arms, Armpits, Upper Lip, Facial Hair Removal and SR Mode.

Color: Green/White
7 Accessories Included See All
Us Plug
User Guide
Warranty Card
Bikini Magnetic Attachment
SR Magnetic Attachment
Free Shipping most countries, 180 Days Money Back.
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BoSidin Permanent Hair Removal-Mini

Unlimited Flash, Without Replacing Any Head, Double Pulse Technology, Save Time, Most Areas Are Effective Within 3 Weeks, 6 Modes (including Sr), 3 Gears, Suitable For Whole Body And Facial.

Color: Green/White/Navy
6 Accessories Included See All
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No Head Required
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BoSidin Achieve Permanent Hair Removal at Home

As one of the top cosmetic device companies, BoSidin is a trusted leader in beauty. Researchers at BoSidin develop the "six modes of customized skin care," each of which is designed to precisely target a different area of the body, it can remove hair evenly and prevents regrowth, for smooth, beautiful skin that lasts. BoSidin SR mode, it adopts skin rejuvenation to improve anti-age skin, which can improve your daily skin problems: dry skin, oily skin, acne skin, dark yellow skin.

After 8 Weeks, Enjoy Smooth Skin
Less Hair Removal Cost

From 1-2nd week:
Hair grows slowly, reducing by more than 75%

From 3-4th week:
Less hair, dark spots will be reduced

From 4-8th week:
Best home laser hair removal, 99% will be cleaned

Small, Fast, Convenient

BoSidin-Minis use new double pulse hair removal technology, It emits light twice in 0.1s and irradiates the skin with Intense pulsed light to make the hair follicles and surrounding hairs. tissue temperature rise occurs due to structural changes, thereby inhibiting hair growth and atrophy the hair loss, the fastest results can be obtained within 3 weeks.

Joint Research & Development with Nobel Winner

Prof Smoot received his Bachelor degrees in mathematics and physics and his PhD in physics in 1970 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2006, Prof. George Smoot was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, for leading to the “discovery of the black body form and anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiation” with his partner.

Researchers at BoSidin worked with Prof Smoot, we developed the latest hair removal device which can prevent hair regrowth, for smooth, beautiful skin that lasts.

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Based on 1474 reviews
It's a luxury.

Beautiful packaging,delicate box, perfect for gift giving

I love bosidin.

In just 4 weeks, I've seen a huge difference! Totally painless! ! !

I can't believe this it actually works.

It wasn't until the 4th week that I started noticing the thinning of the hair and thanks to the ice cooling technology it was painless.

I'm so glad I bought this and it works great!

I have used it four times, and I can clearly see that the leg hair and armpit hair have slowed down! !

significant reduction in hair growth

I've only been using it for 3 weeks and have noticed a significant reduction in hair growth


After using this machine for a month, I have almost no armpit hair except a few. And I don't have to shave every week

10/10 recommend.

This is a great alternative to professional salon hair removal. Super effective and usually painless.


I can honestly say that Bosidin is great! Totally changed my life!

Bosidin is really cost-effective.

Love this, easy to use. You need to use it consistently and follow the instructions. It really produced results and saved a lot of money on treatment.

Multiple energy output

I like that it has knobs that control the power output. When you touch sensitive parts, you only need to adjust the energy and mode, and you will not feel pain. The auto flash is great, just touch the target area and it will automatically flash. A very convenient home hair removal device. recommend!

The Bosidin is good!!!

The hair on my legs has been bothering me, I used to shave with a razor, and every time I shave, it was uncomfortable and painful! This product is great! It is comfortable to use and not painful at all. Now my legs look clean and free of the hair they used to have. I'm so happy!


Excellent and good quality of the product. I love it and easy to use.

Works well

I'm a man, and this Bosidin Pioneer Pro claims to remove facial hair, so I decided to give it a shot. In 30+ years of shaving, I've never had a mustache or mustache (nor does my wife want me to). After using it for the recommended 8 weeks, the result is that my beard growth has decreased, but I still need to shave and shaving every day is easier than it used to be. I still have treatments about once a week so hopefully the growth will continue to decline. As for my legs, this helped a lot. I used to shave my legs every day, but now I go almost a week between shaves, and even then, there is a lot less hair than before. I'm starting to wonder if my skin has been rejuvenated (removed of old skin layers). The legs feel great when swimming laps and I no longer have static cling in dress pants. The device has all the functions described. I like the six different settings for different parts of the body, as well as the cooling function. Worth a try! !

Real painless freezing hair removal!

The freezing point hair removal effect is very obvious! It doesn't hurt at all! And the operation is very simple! Spend less money, but can have the effect of professional cryogenic hair removal, this product is worth having!


With Bosidin this hair removal machine, I don't have to worry about my body hair anymore. I am satisfied.

A beautiful gift

As a gift for a friend, she told me it works great. Recommended!

It actually works

It works! I use 2 times a week. I saw immediate results after a month, the hair growth rate was severely slowed down. I will stick to it. It also has skin rejuvenation function. The cooling power is very strong, and it doesn't hurt at all. My wife absolutely loves it. Very happy with this purchase, although it is expensive, it is more convenient and cost-effective than a professional treatment kit.

Elegant and easy to use

The quality of this product is really good. Easy to use, following the instructions is very simple and easy to understand, please shave your hair before use. Safety glasses must be worn. I love it.

SR Mode

Bosiden has been VERY effective for my light olive skin/dark hair, and now I am interested moreso in utilizing the SR (Skin Rejuvenation) mode with the attachment. I understand that it uses OPT, etc and it is used to improve complexion/texture on skin (avoiding the eye area!!), but I am curious as to the how the SR mode with attachment does this. I'd like a little more information explaining the details of what's actually occuring- is it specific wavelengths of light that penetrate the skin in order to achieve a targetted effect? And if so, what are the wavelengths and energy output/ joules being used? And if not, could you help me to understand the mechanics used to achieve skin rejuvenation when using the SR mode w/attachment?
Thank you

Dear Customer,
Thank you for your support Bosidin.

BoSidin incorporated photo rejuvenation technology into its innovative SR mode, which can be used with the detachable SR attachment. It can activate the collagen in each layer of your skin, improve elasticity and restore collagen production, create a more radiant, healthier, and clearer complexion.

If you need a skin rejuvenation after treatment, please put on the SR attachment and trigger flashes on your skin. It is suggested that you should start from energy level of 1, then according to your own real feeling, you can adjust to the proper energy level gradually.

We recommend you to use the SR mode 2-3 times a week. This will help you to keep you youthful and tighten the skin which can result in that refinement of the pores.

Please note:
1. Normally, the red SR attachment is installed, please take off it before starting your hair removal treatment. When doing SR treatment, you should turn on SR mode.
2. Do not use on areas near the eyes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us .
Bosidin Official Store

cool design

I think this Bosidin is the most advanced and powerful. There are also 6 levels of adjustment, the "ice cold" system is very strong, surprisingly cool, don't worry about being too cold. This is a great option for those looking for a more effective way to remove hair. And they claim that the device offers unlimited flash that can be used all the time. It has manual and automatic flash modes. It is more convenient to remove hair with automatic mode. In addition to hair removal, it also has a skin rejuvenation mode, which I bought as a gift for my wife. She loves it so much!

to early to know yet

I like it so far. Very easy to use but have only been using it for about 2 weeks and haven't noticed many results yet. I have thick black hair and it's not different now. I'm definitely going to keep trying for another 6 weeks to see if it works.


I used it for 2 months in total, 3 times a week for one month, then 2 times a week for the second month. I used to shave my legs 3 times a week and now I shave once a week, but I don't really have long hair or noticeably short hair. I also have no hair on my arms and hands. recommend.

Effortless Hair Removal

I recently purchased this Bosidin Pro and I absolutely had to write a review because I am so thrilled with the results. I have noticed a significant reduction in hair growth on my arms and legs. The device comes with premium packaging and a premium feel that feels well worth it! !

best i have ever used

First of all, I have used other home hair removal devices before. But their effect is not very obvious. I have thick curly hair that makes my body hair a nuisance. And it grows fast! I used to have to shave twice a week. But when I got this, I immediately started using high intensity mode. Noticed the difference after using it a few times! I've had this machine for almost half a year and I'm almost done with full body treatments. In some areas the hair is completely gone and just needs to be machined occasionally. Totally recommend!!!

Salon effect, highly recommended!

I have an extremely low tolerance for pain. The cooling effect is my reason for buying it. It actually helps a lot. I didn't even feel any pain during the whole treatment and I'm very happy with the cooling system! In addition, this epilator has an upgraded touch screen and 6 energy levels, you just need to choose the zone mode you want and use the on/off button to adjust the energy level to start the hair removal, you can also use the automatic mode, the whole body hair removal process only It took 8 minutes and it works really well, I love it so much. What satisfies me the most is the configuration of 5 accessories. I use SR skin care after hair removal, and it really achieves the salon effect at home. I will share it with my family and friends, hope my review can help you, highly recommended!