How To Use BoSidin Pioneer Pro?

BoSidin has cooperated with a team of experts to develop a revolutionary new hair removal system, upgrading the device to 5 targeted attachment heads, which can effectively target and treat relatively stubborn and thick hairs on different parts of the body. Ultimate precisely treatment will bring you extraordinary results comparable to professional medical-grade equipment, allowing you to achieve clinical permanent hair removal in the comfort of your home.

Why BoSidin Pro is special?

BoSidin Pro has 5 attachments (precision heads) for enhancing the effectiveness of hair removal treatment and the energy is stronger. The Pro version is recommended for individuals with thick, stubborn or coarse hair.

The 5 attachments for BoSidin Pro at-home hair removal device are: Arm attachment, Armpit attachment, Leg attachment, Bikini attachment and SR attachment.

The skin and hair characteristics of different body parts are different. BoSidin cooperate with a team of dermatologists to provide a new set of skin management solutions according to the skin and hair characteristics of different body parts. Using the device with a proper attachment can not only strengthen the hair removal effectiveness on stubborn hair, but also care for skin:

1)For individuals with thick hair or unsatisfactory hair removal experience, we recommend to install a proper attachment to do additional treatments, in order to strengthen the hair removal effectiveness and achieve ideal results.

2)With these attachments, BoSidin provides exclusive skin care solutions for different parts of the skin. With a more optimized light source, it promotes collagen regeneration and enhance skin activity, making skin firmer and silkier.

The energy of BoSidin Pro version has been optimized and it is stronger. Normally one regular treatment a week (without any attachment) is effective enough for most of the hair removal. It is recommended to have the regular treatment once a week and choose the proper treatment mode. And there is no need to use any attachment when doing the regular treatment.

How to use the attachements?

For the attachments, it is using when doing the additional treatment on the stubborn hair. Aims to strengthen the treatment effect 2 days after the regular treatment and meanwhile provide an exclusive skin-care function to the treatment area. Please kindly note that the additional treatment must be after the regular hair removal treatment. So there will be total two treatments a week for the relatively stubborn hair.

If you’d like to add an additional treatment on the face, stomach and back area. It is recommended to choose the underarm attachment and use the underarm treatment mode for the additional treatment on stomach and back area. For the Face area, the additional treatment is suggested to choose Arm attachment and use Face treatment mode.

Besides that, here are some other suggestions that can help your hair removal sessions more effective:
1.The clear sticker (protective film) on the light exit window should be removed before using the device. It can lessen the effectiveness and may cause overheating problems if it was not removed before treatment.
2. There are 6 different light intensities (energy levels). The higher the level, the better the effect. If your skin is not sensitive, it is recommended to use energy level 5 or 6.
3. Remove excess hair by shaving before your treatment. Please do not use anything that pulls the hair out or any chemical hair removal methods, which can damage the hair follicles and lessens the effectiveness of the treatment.
4. Choose the proper mode according to the area where you are going to apply.
5. Sometimes after using it for a period of time, there will be hair residue at the light exit window, which will affect the normal operation of the device. Please clean the light exit window with a clean cloth when you notice some hair on it.
6. In order to ensure your hair removal safety, BoSidin has made a protective function. The device can only be triggered when in full contact with skin. Therefore, please make sure the device is firmly against your skin during the treatment.
7. Hair in the armpits, bikini area, and men's beards is thick and has deep roots. These stubborn hairs require a longer treatment period than hair in other parts. As long as you insist on using it, you can get perfect results.

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