Introduce the method of permanent hair removal

How fast does our hair grow?

According to data analysis by the American Academy of Dermatology, our body hair will grow to full length in about 4 weeks. Male hair generally grows faster than female hair. After one year, the hair on our head can generally grow about six inches.

Everyone's body hair is different. There are many factors that affect the growth rate of hair, including nutrition, drugs and genetic factors. Our hair growth rate may slow down with age.

Hair grows from the depths of the hair follicles and enters the skin epidermis through blood replenishment, greases can help hair keep smoothing.

Which options for your hair removal?

About the temporary hair removal:

  1. Shaving

Shaving simply removes hair from the surface, so it will grow back quickly.

  1. Tweezers

Tweezers can remove hair from the roots, which helps to slow down regrowth, but it usually grows back after a few weeks.

If you want to achieve long-term hair removal, you need to consider high-tech hair removal technology.

About long-term hair removal options:

  1. Electrolysis

Electrolysis involves the distribution of short-wave radio frequencies through thin needles placed directly in the hair follicles. The purpose is to destroy the hair follicles and prevent to stimulate new hair growth. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) believes that electrolysis is a permanent solution. However, electrolytic hair removal needs to be done by a dermatologist or a certified electronic physician.

According to the survey, most people need to be treated once a week or every two weeks, and the cost is usually 35 to 100 dollars.

Most skin types and most parts of the body can be depleted by electrolysis, but the most common side effects of electrolysis are pain and redness caused by skin irritation. More serious side effects include scars and needle infections, and even scars ((scar tissue overgrowth ).

  1. Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal and electrolysis are aimed at hair follicles. The principle is to prevent new hair growth by damaging hair follicles with high-temperature lasers. It is the best choice of most people.

According to the hair removal clinic, laser hair removal can be performed any part of the body except around the eyes. Especially for light skin and dark hair, this treatment method works best, but it also requires multiple treatments to achieve the effect.

Depending on the hair removal site, you may need multiple treatments for eight weeks. The cost of a treatment at a hair removal clinic is $35-$150 a session.

In most cases, hair-free will last for months or even years. When the hair grows back, it usually has a lighter color with thinner hair.

The most common side effects of laser hair removal are skin irritation and redness, but this usually disappears after a few hours. More serious side effects include blistering and scar formation, but this is rare to appear.

  1. Prescription drugs

There is a lower-cost prescription drug called Ever eflornithine (Vaniqa) that you can apply twice a day for a month. It works by inhibiting the production of enzymes that stimulate hair growth, and it requires professional dermatologist treatment.

According to research, the effect of this prescription drug can generally last for eight weeks. After the hair grows again, it needs to be treated again. The cost of this treatment is about $50 a month.

Side effects of prescription drugs may include burning, rashes, and acne breakouts caused by ruptured follicles.

  1. Chemical hair removal

The effective ingredients of depilatory cream are mainly a mixture of some thioglycolate and calcium hydroxide. It weakens the keratin protein in the hair, which makes the hair fall and wipe off easily. This chemical hair removal only breaks down the upper half of the hair, and the lower half will grow out soon, generally lasting only about two weeks. However, this treatment is cheaper and it can be done at home.

Your can't have both the "gentle skin feel" and "hair removal effect" of the hair removal cream. The good effect tends to be more alkaline, and it is also irritating to the skin. It is usually a little hot, just wash it off, after washing off some of them, the feeling of scalding will last for one or two hours. Its side effects are also common and may cause dry skin, itching, and mild rashes.

  1. Natural hair removal methods

Although natural solutions are not permanent, according to tests, they may help hair removal or reduce hair growth. Include:

Sugar wax and scrub

Honey instead of wax

Drink spearmint tea (twice a day)

It need to mention about BoSidin, a home-use hair removal instrument in the laser. BoSidin leading technology has undergone over five years of intensive research and development and has received full FDA approval, security and trustworthy.

Here is some advantages of BoSidin:

  1. BoSidin has the latest generation of Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) maximizes the benefits of both laser and IPL technology with a perfect blend of energy level and wavelength.
  1. It developed the "six modes of customized skin care," each of which is designed to precisely target a different area of the body. (Face, Legs, Bikini, Underarms, Arms, Skin Rejuvenation)
  1. BoSidin's multi-frequency continuous pulse technology (MFCPT) is miles ahead of traditional IPL treatments.
  1. Guaranteed to provide stable pulses at every frequency, this technology ensures that even levels of energy are continuously delivered to the targeted treatment area, meaning that each hair follicle absorbs exactly the same amount of energy.
  1. Dynamic cooling devices (DCD) incorporate an innovative technique developed by BoSidin: they create a cooling sensation as pulsed light is emitted onto the skin.
  1. BoSidin's sixth-generation photo rejuvenation technology, it can reduce wrinkles and blemishes and creating firmer, brighter skin.

BoSidin hair removal device has 2 years warranty guarantee, depending on the hair removal site can be used for 10-20 years. The latest technology, quality and price are the best.

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