Men's pubic hair removal has become popular?

When the weather is hot, many men feel sultry and itchy in their genitals. Some men have also experienced the painful sensation of pubic hair stuck on the zipper and difficult to plucke out. Even the size of the genital organs is questioned by others because of the long pubic hair? These problems can be solved by removing pubic hair. But do you know how to remove pubic hair with the safe and correct method?

The importance of pubic hair removal for men:

Many men think that pubic hair removal is a kind of respect for their intimate relationship partners, and it is also convenient for cleaning and maintenance. After all, some countries and regions do not have the habit of bathing every day ehich due to the influence of climatic conditions. Therefore, pubic hair will be removed to prevent the hair from being contaminated with bacteria and prone to odor. The following problems are also important reasons for pubic hair removal:

  1. Excessive pubic hair can cause eczema and itching
  2. Excessive pubic hair affects the proportion and causes inferiority complex
  3. Disorganized pubic hair can affect the sexual desire with sexual partner

Steps to remove pubic hair for men:

  1. Buy a trimmer and trim the pubic hair area to less than 2.4 inches. This can facilitate subsequent shaving work. Because long pubic hair will block the razor easily.
  2. After shaving the long hair on the scrotum for the first time in the bathroom, you can lie on the bed comfortably to shave off the remaining hair. (But you still have to shave the scrotum hair frequently to prevent them from growing too long. If you think you must use shaving cream, then you must always shave in the bathroom. But remember, it is most convenient to shave when lying down or sitting down.)
  3. Prepare to shave. Make sure that the room you are going to use is not disturbed for at least an hour (or possibly longer, depending on you), because shaving need carefully with long time.
  4. Use shaving cream suitable for sensitive skin to get foam on the vagina. Do not use mint ingredients or strong scented foam, otherwise it will irritate the area. Or use a sterile shaving cream to minimize the chance of bacteria invading pores and hair follicles. (If you want to achieve long-term hair removal, you can use BoSidin home hair removal device after shaving, instead of shaving cream.)
  5. Use a new three-blade or four-blade razor to lightly shave off the pubic hair. The key to shaving is to maintain the firmness of the skin on key parts during the shaving process, because when you are shaving, the skin will move with the shaving knife, resulting in uneven surface. So you are better to shave in the opposite direction of the skin growth (the opposite direction can keep the skin smooth)
  6. Pull the penis down and scrape from the glans to the navel.
  7. Pull the penis to one side and shave the hair on the side and the hair on the side of the scrotum.
  8. Pull up the penis and scrape down from the penis to the lower part of the scrotum.
  9. It will be easier to shave if the skin of the scrotum is stretched. Be sure to scrape the scrotal hair as carefully as possible from the center to the side.
  1. Wash the shaved area with mild water.
  2. Shoot clean gently.
  3. You can use some anti-inflammatory creams to minimize skin irritation. If you shave for the first or second time, it may irritate the skin when the pubic hair grows back, which may cause itching and redness. This situation will disappear after about a week, and then if you shave more often, it will generally not reappear.

In the process of pubic hair removal, there are still a few things to pay attention, including the selection of equipment, such as knives, mirrors, and the testicles and junction areas that need to be carefully removed. These precautions are all for men to remove. When pubic hair is removed, the hair can be removed more smoothly and smoothly, at the same time, it can avoid possible infections during the hair removal process.

If you want to achieve long-term hair removal, you can go to a beauty salon or use BoSidin home-use hair removal device. BoSidin home hair removal device has the effect of freezing point hair removal. This treatment can form a protective layer of 5°C constant temperature on the skin surface. This treatment creates a protective layer that maintains a consistent temperature of 5°C on the surface of the skin. This cooling sensation ensures that hair removal is completely painless, and can be used safely in even the most sensitive areas. And BoSidn also has its own Bikini mode, which can successfully eliminates the coarse, stiff, and deep-rooted hair in this sensitive area.

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