Recommended hair removal method for face

Due to genetic inheritance or hormonal changes, hormones in the body may affect hair growth. If you are troubled with facial hair, you can do a temporary or long-term hair removal treatment.

1. Shaving

The shaving method is a economical and convenient method of hair removal, which is not only fast and painless, but also can be performed at any time, and the shaving knife can also be reused. Because it does not affect the hair follicles, and the hair roots are still there, the maintenance time is very short, and the regenerated hair looks thicker and thicker. (This is a common shaving method for men, and it is not recommended for women to shave their face.)

However, the results are not permanent or lasting. Your face can remain hairless for only one to three days, and then you must shave again.

 2. Tweezers

Use eyebrow clips to pluck out one by one, because it is uprooted, it will last longer, but it will not damage the hair follicles. The disadvantage is that it is quite painful and if the cleanliness of the pores is not enough, the skin's resistance will be reduced, and redness and infection will appear. (If you have facial hair removal, this is obviously not applicable)

 3. Electric epilator

The epilator refers to a small electrical appliance used to remove body hair. The epilators are mainly "female epilators", which are used to remove indecent hair from armpit hair, leg hair and other parts, which is helpful for women to dress.

Unlike the male electric shaver, the epilator does not use a sharp blade to scrape off the body hair, but uses a "clip" to remove the body hair. The epilator can remove the hair as short as half a millimeter by roots through a number of high-speed rotating clamping wheels. The effect is lasting and thorough, and the skin can be kept smooth and smooth for up to four weeks.

After you are ready to use the epilator, please follow the steps below:

1) Use the epilator to make the blade head at right angles to the skin and advance against the direction of hair growth.

2) Before hair removal, rub your arms and legs with a massage bath to make the hairs stand up. Hair removal begins 15 minutes after the hot water bath. At this time, the skin is soft, the pores are relaxed, and the pain will be minimized;

3) After hair removal, you will also pay attention to moisturize the skin with some soft lotion.

4. Waxing at home

Hair removal wax including frozen wax and hot wax. The main component of frozen wax is a variety of resins, with strong adhesion, soluble in water, and gelatinous. It can be applied directly to the skin of the epilation area without heating, and it is closely adhered to the skin without discomfort. It is suitable for skin removal in sensitive areas. Hot wax is a mixture of beeswax and resin. Generally in a solid state, it needs to be heated and melted before use, and it can be applied to the skin when the temperature is reduced to suitable skin.

This method can remove large areas of hair relatively quickly, and it can last for a long time, but it does not exceed 8 weeks. Feeling painful is the waxing disadvantage. During the process, the hair roots and hair follicles in the skin may be twisted, resulting in hair ingrowth, which is easy to cause folliculitis or other types of skin infections. In particular, some patients with diabetes, varicose veins, moles, warts, skin rupture, and inflammation cannot use this method.

5. Hair removal cream

Hair removal cream with chemicals can dissolve the hair structure to remove hair. The main component of this preparation is thioglycolic acid (calcium). It suitable for people who are afraid of pain but whose skin is not allergic. Hair removal using hair removal cream may cause skin allergies, thickened hair, pigmentation and other adverse reactions. From the principle of hair removal cream, hair removal cream can only temporarily remove hair. Because the hair follicles are not damaged, the hair will grow again.

6.Home-use laser hair removal

Advantages: Safe, not painful, the hair grows slower, all parts can be used. Low cost of time, you can operate at home. Cost-effective.

Disadvantages: The energy is generally low, resulting hair removal treatment for a long time. The initial effect will be worked in the second weeks, and the obvious effect can be seen in 8 weeks.

When choosing a hair removal device, remember that safety always comes first. It is best to choose products with FDA certification.

The machine which i am currently using is from BoSidin, a British brand that has received FDA certification. The energy density is moderate, the freezing point with painless, and people with most skin color can use it.


BoSidin use the latest generation of Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) maximizes the benefits of both laser and IPL technology with a perfect blend of energy level and wavelength. The light used to penetrate hair follicles has been qualitatively improved so that more energy is sent beneath the surface of the skin, while leaving the surface layer unaffected.

BoSidin hair removal device offers a beauty-salon hair removal treatment from the comfort of your own home.

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