The Best Time of Year for Home Laser Hair Removal

Little pumpkins are everywhere, maple trees turn red and the air is filled with the aroma of fruit. Yes, autumn is coming! You may be busy for searching cute Halloween crafts to DIY your home. However, just forget about all the spooky things for a while. It's also the perfect time to set up a laser hair removal plan.

The principle of the home laser hair removal device is to burn the hair follicle and make the hair follicle inactive. Specifically, the hair removal device emits light of a specific wavelength. These rays penetrate the skin and hit the hair follicles. The melanin in the hair follicle absorbs light and converts the light energy into heat energy, and the temperature of the hair follicle rises rapidly, causing the necrosis of the hair follicle. The hair also loses the soil on which it depends and then falls off.

During this process, the temperature of the hair follicle instantly rises to 70 degrees. Such a temperature can cause some damage to the surrounding skin. So after your laser hair removal treatment, your skin is sensitive to UV light. It’s best to avoid sun exposure, otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your skin.

laser hair removal at home

In terms of skin care, hair removal in autumn and winter can effectively reduce potential side effects and skin problems. Moreover, hair removal has a certain cycle, it’s not an instant thing. A laser hair removal plan takes about six to eight sessions to remove the hair fully. So, if you choose to start your laser hair removal treatment in the fall or winter, you will have enough time to go through a series of treatments before you start to realize the amazing results in the summer.

Following are the benefits of scheduling your laser hair removal treatments in autumn and winter:

Limited Sun Exposure

In spring and summer, the sun is strong, the ultraviolet rays are strong. High-energy UV rays are irradiated on the skin and ROS are generated in the skin. These ROS damage the skin and induce the skin cells to produce cytokines, causing an atopic response. Makes hair follicles and surrounding skin even worse. Relatively speaking, the intensity of ultraviolet rays in autumn and winter is low, and there are clothes outside, so the skin that has just shed hair is well protected.

Limited Skin Exposure

At the same time, the spring and summer seasons are relatively hot, and the skin is prone to sweating. The sweat secreted by the sweat glands can easily stimulate the hair follicles that have been treated by depilation, resulting in a higher probability of folliculitis. Relatively speaking, in autumn and winter, the temperature is low and sweat secretion is less, which also avoids the risk of folliculitis.

Laser hair removal can be extended, but fall and winter are the best times to complete the treatment. You can still make appointments year-round, but be aware of the sun and weather to protect and save your skin.

And if you are dreaming wear the hottest bikini on next summer holiday, starting your hair removal journey in autumn or winter, you will have plenty of time for hair removal treatment. 

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