Christmas Gift Guide: How to Choose IPL at home hair removal?

Did you know that 90% of Americans are planning to shop for presents this holiday season? What kind of gift will you purchase for your Christmas? If you're planning to buy IPL at home laser hair removal device as a Christmas gift and you're struggling to make a final decision about choosing which one, you've come to the right place. We will tell you how to make the right choice.

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The selection parameters of the best IPL hair removal are mainly based on the wavelengththe number of flashes and the lighting areathe energy density, and warranty.


Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a broad spectrum with a wavelength range from 510 to 1200nm. It’s used to solve many skin problems such as acne scars, wrinkles, spots, and hair removal. When the light is released, pigment cells in the skin absorb the energy of the light and convert it into heat. The heat then removes wrinkles, freckles, and other spots by destroying unwanted pigment.

For IPL ingrown hair removal tool, the wavelength is an important indicator to measure its safety. The most appropriate light for IPL hair removal is those with wavelengths between 570-1200nm. This range has the greatest absorption of melanin. The longer the wavelength, the higher the safety and effectiveness. 

ipl hair removal wavelength

Number of Flashes and Lighting Area

The number of flashes represents the hair remover’s service life. You will have to buy a new one after the flash runs out. Normally, a person needs about 2,000 flashes for a full body hair removal every year. Most of the hair removal devices on the market have only 250000 flashes. While BoSidin hair removal device has 500, 000 flashes which mean you can use it to remove unwanted hair for more than 20 years. It will always accompany you on your hair-free journey.

In addition, other brands' hair removal devices may lose energy as the number of flashes decreases. However, BoSidin uses American Excelitas's quartz lamp which is high quality and long service life. Its energy does not decay as the number of flashes decreases.

Traditional laser hair removal device works quickly, but the light window size is small, which is very troublesome if you want to remove hair all over the body, while the IPL hair removal device has a large light area and is very convenient to use.

The size of the light window surface of the BoSidin hair removal device is from 2.7cm² to 4cm². It varies depending on the model. BoSidin team also develops six optimized hair removal modes that can precisely target different areas of the body hair removal such as bikini lines, armpits, or facial hair removal.

A hair remover with a suitable window size will let your treatment more quickly.

Intense Pulsed Light technology

Energy Density

IPL and laser energy density is the amount of light energy delivered per unit area and is measured in Joules per cm2. It’s an important indicator to measure the effectiveness of hair removal.

Both laser hair removal and IPL hair removal use light to heat the hair follicles to make hair removal permanently. The higher the energy density, the better the hair removal effect. If a device with energy is less than 2J/cm2, you can't expect it works effectively for your hair removal.

Everyone's skin has different levels of sensitivity. You need to check your skin type to choose the right energy level. BoSidin hair removal devices have six energy levels. The higher the level, the better the effect. For the different areas of your body, you just need to select the mode that corresponds to the hair removal area and also adjust the required setting. For areas such as the chest, back, and belly, you can use the underarms hair removal mode.

Besides, Bosidin at home hair removal device offers a total of six different energy levels, and the energy is increased from 1 to 6. Level 1 is the lowest, and 6 is the strongest. We suggest customers start from energy level 1 and gradually increase the level according to the actual situation of the skin reaction.

BoSidin mini hair removal device


Hair removal is not a one-time deal. You need to complete several treatments to achieve a hair reduction result. It may take more than three months. A hair remover with the brand's warranty means you don't have to worry about any product issue during the period covered by the warranty.

Most hair removal brands on the market only offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. However, BoSidin provides a 180-day money-back and a 2-year warranty for every customer.

If you are looking for a safe, effective, and permanent way to deal with your unwanted hair, BoSidin is the right device for you. It’s not only a hair removal machine but also a beauty tool, the best facial hair removal.

BoSidin permanent hair removal device


With BoSidin, you can remove facial hair quickly and easily, it won't leave any dark spots. BoSidin hair removal system uses red light for the skin rejuvenation model. It can boost collagen production, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. After several uses, you will get smooth and flawless skin soon.

Walking down the street and seeing Christmas trees and listening to Christmas songs can immediately transport us into the winter wonderland we want December to be. Christmas is not just about the decorations, the food, or the movies. All that matters is the loved ones you are near and the presents. BoSidin wishes you all a wonderful holiday season!

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