The Most Googled Questions About BoSidin At Home Laser Hair Removal

Chocolates and flowers and heart-shaped greeting cards. BOO! The most romantic day of the year is quickly approaching! Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? Do you prefer a romantic home-cooked meal or dining out? Will you be purchasing a gift for Valentine's day? How much do you spend on your significant other? Without a doubt, an at home laser hair removal device is definitely a super surprise Valentine's day gift for a beauty lover! 

Ending the razor burn of shaving or the pain from waxing is attractive to both men and women. There are a lot of questions that people asked frequently when it comes to doing laser hair removal at-home. Here, we pick up the 5 most googled questions about it.

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Does IPL Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

In most cases, IPL hair removal will not cause hurt during the treatments, especially when you compare it to other forms of hair removal, such as hot waxing or traditional laser hair removal.  IPL for hair removal just feels like a very small rubber band snapping against your skin. It's not hurt but only slightly hot at first. However, your skin will become easier to tolerate after several treatments. IPL machine targets the melanin in the hair root to inhibit hair growth. More heat from the IPL hair remover will be absorbed by the thick, coarse, and dark hairs. For this reason, you will achieve a quicker hair reduction result than the area where hairs are brown.

For sensitive skin, home laser hair removal may cause swelling or redness, but these side effects are mild and will disappear in 24-72 hours. If you feel discomfort, you can apply a calm cream or Aloe gel.

BoSidin hair remover only uses pure red light which doesn't contain skin-damaging ultraviolet radiation. BoSidin utilizes intense pulse technology instead divides light into short, lower-intensity pulses which cause heat to accumulate in each follicle, making it gentler and more effective.

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How long does IPL laser hair removal last?

Before answering this question, let’s understand the growth patterns of hair. It contains four distinct phases which are the anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen phases. IPL hair removal system only works during the anagen phase. During the process of hair removal, you may experience both hair loss and new hair growth. Don’t be upset. Much of it will be hair that hasn’t yet been treated. Any hair that grows back should be very thin and fine over time.  

Once you finish all hair removal treatments, 99% of unwanted body hair and ingrown hair will be cleaned. In order to maintain the hair removal effect, you need a touch-up phase.  

For the BoSidin permanent hair removal, we suggest you keep using it every three months to make the hair follicle enter a permanent dormant period, so as to achieve the effect of permanently inhibiting hair growth.

How many IPL hair removal treatments are needed?

Generally, the hair removal result varies from person to person. It is affected by hair color, skin type, and hair growth cycle. To maximize the benefit of hair removal at home, we suggest customers complete at least 8 IPL hair removal sessions.

For the first 4-8 treatments, we advise you to use BoSidin IPL laser hair removal handset once or twice a week. For removing thick or stubborn hair, using the device twice a week can achieve better results. But the minimum interval should not be less than 3 days. After the initial treatment phase (4-8 treatments), we recommend touch-ups every 4-8 weeks to maintain the overall effect.

BoSidin worked with a team of international aesthetic experts to develop six optimized hair removal modes which include face, body, arms, underarms, legs, bikini line, and SR mode. For the hair in the armpit and bikini area is coarser, the treatment period for the hair in these two areas is longer. It is recommended that you use the BoSidin IPL hair removal device at least twice a week and stick to it for 5-8 treatments. After the treatment, you can compare whether the new hair becomes thinner or less, which means the treatment is effective.


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Can I have IPL Laser hair removal treatment while pregnant?

 Although IPL hair removal is typically considered a very safe way to remove unwanted body hair, we still suggest our customers do not get IPL hair removal during pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, your body is full of hormones. It controls your heart rate, and sleep cycles and affects your metabolism, mood, growth, and development. When it comes to hair removal, it alters your hair growth cycle. You could suddenly notice peach fuzz light hair growing in unexpected places such as your belly, boobs, face, or neck. Don't be afraid. This hair will fall out after your delivery. This is one of the normal changes that can happen during pregnancy. Another normal change is that your skin will look darker because of pigmentation. Both of these changes affect hair removal results.

It may or may not have any effect on your baby. No one can give you a definite answer. It’s best to play it safe. Just wait until you’ve given birth and not breastfeeding, and your hormones normalize, then you can arrange a hair removal treatment. 

When is the best time for IPL Laser hair removal?

The best time to schedule at home laser hair removal for the face and full body is during the fall, winter, and spring since you will have limited sun exposure, limited skin exposure, and your skin color is the lightest. 

If you’re already daydreaming about short shorts and bikinis this summer, now is the perfect time to start your hair removal treatment at home. Put down the razor and forget the wax. BoSidin will help you to spend your summer days by the pool without worrying about the razor burn and the wax residue remains. This is not only a hair removal device, it has an SR mode, you can do the IPL skin rejuvenation at home, it will help you stimulate collagen and reduce wrinkles too!

Honey, if you still haven't made your mind up yet, please don't overthink it, stop your search here and just go ahead and buy this little guy, it will do way beyond your expectations. BoSidin hair removal device will keep you smooth in him/her arms, not only for a romantic and unforgettable Valentine's night! Wish every Jack has his Jill!

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