The Most Popular Hair Removal Device Makes Hair Removal Painless

After May, the temperature in many places plummets to 30 ℃, and the season for wearing short sleeved shorts has arrived. At this season, hair removal becomes a compulsory course for many people, otherwise it would be a bit awkward. Although lip hair, armpit hair, and leg hair are all small details, the "body management" in these details often gives the overall temperament a different feeling. Compared to methods such as hair removal cream, hair removal knife, and honey wax, instrument hair removal is more effective in "hair removal" and does not have side effects such as damaging the skin or hair follicles. Especially for the household hair removal device, which is convenient, time-saving, and can solve the problem of sweating, and has been unanimously recommended by friends:



My skin is originally relatively white, and the black hair on my hands is very noticeable. Every summer, wearing short sleeves will have a noticeable color difference. Previously, I tried using my own hair removal cream to remove hair, but I couldn't bear the smell and always felt very pungent. Moreover, some hair removal creams can make my skin dry and sometimes turn red after use, which is quite uncomfortable. The permanent hair removal device is different. After using it for over a month, not only did it not cause any discomfort, but also found that the newly grown hair had become a bit thinner and less noticeable!



My armpit hair is relatively thick, and every time I use a hair scraper or hair removal cream, it will leave black spots and look dirty. Even if I had finished taking off my hair when I went on a trip before, I still dared not wear sleeveless clothes. Even if I had the courage to wear them, there would still be black spots in my photos, and I had to work hard to get a picture. It's really troublesome! After using the hair removal device for a period of time, I found that it is still more effective with high-tech. It has been several months since the first use, and although it still grows, the cycle is longer, and it is difficult to see any hair stubble after taking off. Finally, I can wear sleeveless clothes with confidence this summer!



What troubles me the most is actually hand hair. I used to use a hair scraper before, but sometimes it's inevitable to scratch myself, and my hand hair will quickly grow back, which cannot achieve the desired eradication effect. I have also bought a permanent hair removal device that costs 3 to 400 yuan, but I feel that it is not very useful, and it is very hot and uncomfortable when removing hair. Later on, I used something slightly more expensive and realized that it was really easy to use! Not only did he take off clean, but he also grew slowly and his mood improved a lot.


To summarize, the reason why many years of hair removal veterans choose hair removal device is because the strong pulse light hair removal method has better effects, longer retention time, and is more labor-saving, and the price is also more reasonable than medical beauty services.

ipl hair removal

After all, hair removal equipment is a considerable expense. When purchasing it, it is important to pay attention to three points:

Safety guarantee:

Choose products from well-known brands that have medical devices and other safety effects certified, ensuring no harm to the skin and greater peace of mind;


Effectiveness guarantee:

Choose instruments with high energy and high light transmittance of lamp heads; Products with professional certification reports have better hair removal effects;


Comfort guarantee:

There is a cooling design such as freezing point, which reduces the burning sensation of the skin and is more comfortable.


BoSidin Pioneer Pro Permanent Hair Removal Device meets these three points. Why choose BoSidin when there are so many hair removal devices on the market? The most direct reason is - useful!


BoSidin Pioneer Pro Permanent Hair Removal Device only acts on melanin, with the fundamental purpose of inhibiting hair growth. The design of the flat light outlet makes it easier to fit the skin and is also very convenient to use in uneven areas such as armpits and hands. A regular hair removal device has a large area of contact with the skin near the light outlet, and there are always a few hairs that are obstructed during hair removal. BoSidin has upgraded the lamp holder, resulting in a smaller ineffective area. Whether it is large-scale hair removal on legs and arms, or tricky angles such as upper lip, chin, armpits, and bikini, fur cannot escape. It is also an ideal tool for men to remove hair from their chest, back, arms, abdomen, and legs.


The BoSidin precision pan tilt can rotate 180 degrees in both directions, helping you enter difficult to reach areas. Full body hair removal can take up to 15 minutes. After 3 weeks of use, you will notice a decrease in hair. For the skin regeneration function, BoSidin uses red light regeneration to promote the production of collagen, protect existing collagen and Elastin, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Exclusive accessories can not only enhance efficacy and achieve ideal hair removal effects, but also shrink pores, remove dart spots in the treated skin follicles, without leaving any roots behind.


Many women who buy home laser hair removal device also worry about one issue: will it irritate the skin and cause pain when using it?


First of all, will it irritate the skin? The answer is - no. According to the SGS testing report, the BoSidin Pioneer Pro Permanent Hair Removal Device does not cause any damage to the skin itself. Ladies can use it with confidence. But pay attention to sun protection after hair removal.


Then let's talk about whether it will hurt to use. BoSidin's permanent laser hair removal device combines continuous pulse technology with a dynamic cooling device. When pulsed light shines on the skin, DCD produces a cool feeling, equivalent to "removing hair while applying ice", which can protect the skin from heat damage and greatly improve the comfort of hair removal. This makes hair removal painless and safe, and can be used even in the most sensitive areas. We also conducted a small experiment, and when we first turned on the hair removal device, the temperature was only 4.5 ℃, which was cold and cold when used on our bodies. There is no obvious burning sensation when used, and there is no discomfort after use. The process is cool and comfortable.


Buying a hair removal device, which is a "big item," women may worry that using it will be time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it will be idle after taking it home for a few uses. But this hair removal device, ladies don't have to worry! It has automatic continuous flashing technology, which can automatically emit light when aligned without long pressing. The flash speed is 0.7s, which is particularly time-saving. Watching TV at home while shedding hair, it won't take long to complete, convenient and fast.

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The BoSidin hair removal device can last for 25 years of treatment. We offer a 180 day refund guarantee and a 2-year warranty. Moreover, this home laser hair removal device also has medical device registration and has passed higher standards of supervision, allowing women to use it with confidence.

As the weather is getting hotter, the earlier to do the hair removal, the better!

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