What Should I Do Before and After IPL Laser Hair Removal?

Nowadays, IPL laser hair removal at home has quickly become an effective and popular way to get rid of unwanted body hair. It’s an ideal choice for those who can’t bear the pain of waxing and laser hair removal, or for those who don’t have to shave every other day. Without question and beyond doubt, IPL laser hair remover a time and money savior.

Do I have to shave before starting an IPL hair removal treatment? Can I do some makeup after the treatment? Can I wax before laser hair removal? Is it okay to use masks or skincare products after laser IPL hair removal? What to do before laser hair removal?

You are not alone if you have these questions in mind. To ensure a smooth and effective hair reduction result, here you will find all the skincare tips on what to do before and after IPL laser hair removal. 

skincare tips on what to do before and after IPL laser hair removal

Before IPL Laser Hair Removal

The first thing you need to do is make sure your skin tone and hair color are suitable for the BoSidin IPL laser hair remover. It works best on people with brown or dark hair and light to medium skin type. Everyone's hair growth cycle is different. Some will see a hair reduction after three weeks of using, some may need six to eight weeks. The patient is the key.

IPL hair removal skin tone

When you are ready to start an IPL laser hair removal treatment, following the below tips will help maximize your treatment outcomes.

  1. Make sure the length of hair on the treated area is less than 0.1 inch. Don’t wax, epilate or puck, because the principle of hair removal of IPL hair removal system requires the hair follicle to be present as a target. When it comes to shaving, a dry shave will cause razor burns, so shave only when your skin is moist.
  2. Exfoliate your skin before the treatment. This is good for reducing the risk of any side effects.
  3. Keep your skin dry and clean. Don’t use moisturizer, lotions, oil, or deodorants, cause these products can prevent the light from accession the hair follicle.
  4. Try to avoid exposing the skin to UV light and any forms of tanning before the treatment. For tanned skin, wait about 2 weeks to use until your skin restore to a normal state. And you should do a spot test to check if there is any reaction. If your skin doesn’t feel any reaction, generally you can use it.
  5. Do not treat the same skin area more than once per hair removal session. Do not treat on tattoos or permanent makeup, dark brown or black spots (such as large freckles, nevus, or warts), nipples, genitals, and around the anus.
  6. Stop using retinol before the treatment. It may lead to possible adverse skin reactions post optical treatment.

After IPL Laser Hair Removal

In general, IPL hair removal at home has no obvious side effects. If your skin appears red or has any uncomfortable feeling, you can apply a calming scream or Aloe Vera Gel. To ensure you get an effective hair reduction result, please pay attention to the following tips:

  1. Stop using retinol for 2 weeks. The skin recovery period will be longer than usual due to the skin being extra sensitive to the optical treatment.it’s also recommended to wear loose cloth to reduce skin friction.
  2. Avoid the sun and tanning beds for 2 weeks. If you have to go outside, please wear high-quality sunscreen and a hat for protection. UV light can lead to permanent pigmentation.
  3. Avoid anything that will cause you sweaty( such as hot showers, steam rooms, saunas, and spas) within 24 hours. Lukewarm water will help to calm your skin. When you bathe or shower, you can use a soft microfiber cloth to gently wash areas of your skin. Thiswill minimize the risk of developing ingrown hairs.
  4. Please continue shaving between your hair removal treatments to maintain smooth skin. Do not wax, pluck, or epilate.
  5. If there is any discomfort or irritation, you can use an ice pack on the treated area.

When to arrange your next treatment?

Normally, we suggest customers use the BoSidin IPL laser hair removal handset twice a week. The minimum interval between each treatment should not be less than 3 days. You will need 6-8 weeks to get the final result.

When using BoSidin's at-home hair removal device, simply flash the same area once. The energy of the device reacts with the melanin in the hair follicles, where hair growth is cyclical. Therefore, multiple flashes on the treated area have the same effect as a single flash. So even if you flash multiple times in one place in a short period of time, the effect is still limited. Only Continuously use can deactivate hair follicles and inhibit hair growth.

BoSidin Minis hair removal device

BoSidin is all about comfort and convenience. As a brand dedicated to the best at-home hair remover, our mission is to help and enable you to bring out your best and most confident self. BoSidin IPL hair remover is not only a facial and full body hair removal for women but also a beauty tool. The SR model can activate the collagen in each layer of your skin, improve elasticity and restore collagen production, and create a more radiant, healthier, and clearer complexion.

There is no definition of beauty. Women of all colors, shapes, and sizes deserve to be respected. We wish you all a happy International Women's Day and hope you ladies keep on being strong, smart, creative, and awesome!

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